How to Dye Your Hair Using Coffee

How to dye your hair using your morning coffee

Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m excited to share with you a new DIY project. It has been too long! If you are happy to see a new beauty DIY from me, get really pumped up because there are many more in my editorial calendar for the next few months.

Even though we are jumping into Spring (it feels like Summer here in Miami, oh gosh it’s hot outside) I am actually feeling the urge to darken my hair. Since I am honestly freaked out by the chemicals in hair dye I’ve concocted a new hair DIY to darken my hair using coffee.

Just in case you don’t want to darken your hair: DIY Red Color Depositing Conditioner | How to Lighten Your Hair with Honey

Video tutorial:



  1. Conditioner
  2. A few tablespoons of brewed coffee
  3. Optional: Cinnamon (if you want to add a little extra red tones)
  4. Container and mixing utensil


  1. Make some coffee for yourself and save a few tablespoons for your mixture
  2. Add conditioner into your container (enough to last you a week or two)
  3. Mix in one tablespoon of coffee at a time into the conditioner until you get a smooth consistency with a caramel color
  4. Optional: Add half a tablespoon of cinnamon
  5. Store in the fridge for no more than two weeks as the coffee can create mold

DIY hair dye using coffee

Now how do you dye your hair with coffee? Use this conditioner recipe regularly. I like to jumpstart it by wearing it for an hour or so the first time and then using it in place of a normal conditioner every time I wash my hair afterward. This process will take some time but if dying your hair without the use of chemicals is important to you (or you would just rather not spend the money for a professional treatment), you’ve got to try this.

My progress after one week (using my default picture as a before shot):

One week coffee hair dye progress

What DIY recipe would you like me to do next? Will you be trying this DIY?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’m really excited about the new content coming to and the new focus I’m bringing to it. I just know you are going to love it.

Blogger Positivity – #BloggersCelebrate

Celebrate blogging  happiness with #BloggersCelebrate

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am very happy to present to you a post I’ve been meaning to write forever. A few weeks ago… Whoa. It was actually in January. How did that happen? Anyway, in January I was attending the #USBloggersChat (every Thursday from 8-9 PM EST, hosted by @ChowDownUSA and @NatalesM) and the topic of blogger positivity and community came up.

When talking with these girls, Manpreet suggested we come up with a hashtag to use whenever us bloggers have something to be happy about. In response to that idea I came up with the name #BloggersCelebrate.

Blogging is a very saturated market, there is a blog for literally every niche you can imagine. Because of the stress to shine in such a big world, blogging can sometimes bring you down. It’s easy to compare yourself to others, to feel down about the numbers, to get discouraged, etc. Despite how you can feel down at times, blogging is a beautiful world. It’s a place where everyone and anyone can express themselves. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

So let’s celebrate. Whenever you experience a success, reach a milestone, write a blog post that really means a lot to you, get a new blog design, or just feel really good for a productive writing day – share it with other bloggers on Twitter and Instagram with #BloggersCelebrate. Lets all support each other by searching the hashtag frequently and sending encouraging message to each other.

Manpreet on her blog Simply-M also wrote about #BloggersCelebrate if you’d like to give it a read. Some other posts that I think you all would love if you appreciate the idea of #BloggersCelebrate is I’m Still Here (why the numbers don’t matter) and 5 Blogging Lessons I’ve Had to Learn.

Are you a blogger? Tell me your blog in the comments! Lets celebrate together.


The Honest Company – Honest Deodorant Review

A surprisingly effective all natural deodorant  from The Honest Company by Jessica Alba

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am sharing with you an honest review of Honest deodorant. Hah. You see what I did there? Yeah, I know I’m not funny.

If you haven’t heard of the company before, The Honest Company was founded by the actress-turned-green-guru Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, an author and entrepreneur. Together they have created a cruelty-free all natural company that not only has effective products but products that look good too. You can buy products a-la-cart or join a monthly bundle subscription program. There products are purchasable online and select products are available at Target locations.

One of their newest launches is the Honest deodorant and it made me jump for joy. This deodorant is quick drying, all natural, and effective. The coolest part? It sprays on like a body splash.

A unique all natural and cruelty-free deodorant option

To apply the product you simply spray two spritz on each underarm. The product dries in a matter of seconds so it is a convenient process. No white residue! Since I am a bit of a sweaty person I need to respray midday. The bottle is small enough (at 4 ounces for $8.95) to keep in my purse so I just head to the bathroom and spritz on again. The scent is technically bergamot sage but I don’t smell anything once it’s sprayed on my body.

The cons of this product would be the size. It is nice that it is portable enough to carry with me but it does seem like a product I will have to repurchase two or three times a year since I’m spraying it eight times in one day. I would love for an eight ounce bottle to be released along with a airplane regulated travel size.

Overall this product really impressed me. I have five other all-natural deodorants that are nowhere near as effective as the Honest deodorant.

This product is purchasable at It is not available at Target stores as of yet.

What do you think of the idea behind The Honest Company? Do you have any questions about my Honest deodorant review? 

Let me know in the comments!