Happy Halloween from Minnie Mouse (and Last Minute Wednesday Addams)

Happy Halloween Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you my final two costumes. I was originally going to be Sailor Jupiter this year (tutorial) but last minute I changed my mind. To last week’s party I was Minnie Mouse and to the casual party tonight I’ll be Wednesday Addams. Yeah, pretty random of me!

Easy Minnie Mouse:


easy minnie mouse costume

Dress: eShakti (c/o)
Belt: Candies at Kohls (c/o)
Ears: Disney World
Necklace: Jewelmint

coors' knight

Chris is the Coors’ Knight for Halloween. Cute and funny idea!

Vlog of me DRUNK as Minnie Mouse last week, that was a funny night:


I drink maybe only three times a year so whenever I do it’s almost a guarantee I’ll get drunk.

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Last minute Wednesday Addams:


last minute diy costume wednesday addams

I don’t have a high quality photo of this costume. I’ll add it in tomorrow if I’m able to take one tonight. Chris is still asleep so I can’t get full length photo from him yet. I’m going tonight to a party where most people won’t be dressing up so I wanted to be casual but also still feel like I did something.

Dress: Brandy Melville (From this haul)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target

Vlog from this day will be up next week. In the meantime here is a quick video I did using the YouTube Capture app. The end got a little cut off.


PS If you are going to a party tonight, you have to make Witch’s Brew. It’s to-die-for!


October Favorites 2014

my favorites rebecca kelsey

Hi Kind Friends! Before I get into today’s post, please read last night’s post: I’m Still Here. It really came from my heart.

Today I am going into my October favorites as well as how the blog is going to change this month for Wedding Week, participating in NaNoWriMo (more details on that coming soon), and a change to my Patreon account. Make sure to watch the whole video for all of the announcements.


– October Favorites –

  • DIY Floral Crown (tutorial coming soon)
  • Heel To Toe Foot Cream (cruelty-free status unknown)
  • Tiny pumpkins
  • Target bird decoration (I call him Fredrikson the Adventurer – he was only $5)
  • Duolingo.com – To help me learn Spanish!
  • Unlike a Sister – A Harry/Hermione fanfiction
  • NaNoWriMo.org – I’m excited to share more on this in the next few days!

I used barely any beauty products this month and instead focused more on experiences. I also pre-filmed three videos during the month that will be coming up in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to show you!

What were your favorite products or activities from October?

I’m Still Here

blogging numbers don't matter

I debated writing this article for less than two minutes. I had to share this, not just for me – but for everyone.

As my regular readers know, I’ve been doing “this blogging thing” for four years now. It started with my YouTube channel and grew into the site you see today. It isn’t big but I wouldn’t say it’s small. I’m not famous but I wouldn’t say I’m irrelevant. I’m not a visionary but I wouldn’t say I’m not inspirational.

I’m just me… and I think that’s why this is important to say.

I started vlogging and blogging because I didn’t have many people to talk to. Sure, I had friends but they didn’t have the same interests as me. Like so many other bloggers out there, I started blogging so that I could have a place to call my own. A digital home to express myself.

I realize that now, but when I started my channel that was a different story. I acted like a typical beauty guru, even though that wasn’t who I was. Quickly my subscriber numbers climbed and I was getting 1,000-3,000 views per video. My most viewed video has over 300,000 views. Not an astronomical number but considering how crowded the beauty community is… this was and is a big deal for me. All signs were pointed to me becoming “a thing.”

Shortly after joining the YouTube Partner Program (at the time there was an application process), I became a StyleHaul partner. StyleHaul is a multi-platform network that works to help partners become more profitable and grow faster. I was ecstatic to join the team and triple the amount of money I was making with this new partnership.

Contractually I am not allowed to say my pay at StyleHaul but the gist of it is that you get a CPM rate, meaning you get a certain amount of money per thousand views. This really appealed to me because it felt more stable than just getting a random percentage of ads sold on my channel month to month from YouTube. I was locked into this rate for two years and then after those two years, the rate would increase if I stayed with the company. This works for StyleHaul because they take a gamble on what channels they think will eventually be worth more than the rate paid. Assuming I understand the process, they believed I had something worth backing.

As time went on, I realized that I wasn’t being true to myself. I was buying into the beauty guru community and was molding myself to fit in. I’d also like to add here that I love the beauty community and have no problems with it. 85% of the channels I subscribe to are beauty gurus… it just isn’t me. It never was.

So, I stopped fitting the mold and started to add more lifestyle content. My YouTube channel and blog became who I really was and what I really needed, a place to express myself.

And then the views started going down. People stopped subscribing. I was no longer on the fast track.

You know what? That’s okay. I grew to be okay with my new position. The viewers that were sticking around cared about me for who I truly was. It was worth it.

But then last month I got an email from StyleHaul. Even though I stayed with them after my two year contract and my rate had increased… I was being “demoted” (my words, not theirs) to a percentage based pay instead of a fixed rate.

The money I was receiving before was not substantial. Like I said, my views were down. But that money paid for one of my grocery bills every month and I was immensely proud that doing what I loved was helping me feed my little family. This new percentage based pay? It was less than half of one of my grocery bills.

I’m not upset at StyleHaul. I appreciate what they have done for me over the years and I can see why this move made sense, business wise. My channel didn’t pay off and they had a right to cut their investment. I still get the benefit of being part of their network and get more of a cut on the money I generate from ads than I would have without them… but it still stung. Numbers wise, I was no longer a winning horse.

But what big companies don’t see, is my heart. It’s in the right place. I am me, finally. I’m still here. That is worth celebrating.

I am writing this not to bring attention to my situation but to tell all of you that no matter what other people see in you, only you know your true potential. You are important. You are worth it. Being yourself is worth more in the end.

I believe in you.