Hello July

Hello July, please be good.

Wow guys, June was hectic! In an exciting turn of events I’ve started two new jobs. I’m still getting used to how this is changing my schedule and how to work these jobs around my family obligations and interests so that is going to be my main focus for this coming month, with one exception. Remember… [Read More]

The Imperfect Me – Comparing Myself to Others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Recently one of my favorite vloggers, BubzBeauty, released a video on being imperfect. I thought it was so moving that I had to share it with you and open up a discussion about the topic.   I feel like as women we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect or to be more… [Read More]

Milani Power Lip Review

Milani Power Lip Lasting Gloss Stain Review

I’ve been really into wearing a bolder lip lately, especially since I’ve cut my hair to a little above my shoulders. When I saw the Milani Power Lip Lasting Gloss Stain in Publix for $6.49, I knew it would be a fun product to review. The color I purchased was the #3 Raspberry Tart. It… [Read More]

Tough Topics: Feeling Judged for Your Interests

Advice for people feeling judged over their lifestyle and beliefs.

  Hello my Kind Friends. Today I’m sharing with you my third video in the series Tough Topics. If you missed the first two sessions, check them out here: Are you ready to lose your virginity? | “No one understands me!” On the topic of being judged for your thoughts and interests, I’m going into the… [Read More]

#GetBendy by Elle Fit Active Review

#GetBendy Review

My Instagram is filled with photos of strong and empowering women… and babies. I just tend to follow a lot of baby accounts. Other than the hoards of baby accounts I follow, several of the empowering women I keep up with on Instagram have fitness accounts. Three of the fitness accounts I particularly love are @elle_fit, her… [Read More]

Feeling Connected to Music: My Power Song

My power song

  Do you ever just need a little extra energy? When I’m feeling like my motivation is low, I turn on this 7 minute remix and dance/sing my heart out. It isn’t a pretty sight but it has been my go-to energizer for years. I hope it helps give you that same energy and excitement when you… [Read More]

Fabletics Norwalk Tank Review

Norwalk Tank Review

I have been loving my workout routine lately. I can’t wait to share the details with you in a few weeks after I see the results. But before that post goes live, I wanted to first share with you a review of one of my favorite workout shirts. Here is my Norwalk Tank review from… [Read More]