First Impressions Natural Products Haul

yes to coconuts review Hi Kind Friends! Today I have four products to share with you, along with my first impressions. Fun fact, this video was filmed three weeks ago! I wanted to put up a few things first. You’ll hear more of my thoughts on these products after a few weeks of use in my July Favorites, coming soon!

Products shown in video:

  1. Burt’s Bees Deep Pore Peach and Willowbark Scrub
  2. Yes to Coconuts Cleansing Wipes
  3. Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon, Hawaiian Smolder
  4. Yes to Coconut Ultra Light Body Lotion Spray
  5. Random: Reader’s Digest World War II (went from $3 to $20!)

For my full impressions on these products, watch the video above! For my last haul, see my Thred Up Honeymoon Try-On Haul.

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How to Make Money Selling Your Clothes

There are a lot of different ways to make some extra money using your old clothing. Sometimes you’ll grow out of  the items, other times you grow out of the style. Either way, these tips can help you get back some of their initial price. Check out a few of them below and click “edit” to add your own ideas on

  • The easiest way: Bring your clothing to a consignment/thrift store. My favorite thrift store is Plato’s Closet. You bring in your clothes, they pick what they like, and they give you cash! I’ve made over $70 this past year and a half at Plato’s Closet since I’ve moved and cleaned out my closet several times.
  • If you don’t have a Plato’s Closet near you, try It’s an online consignment store. You request a bag to be sent to your house and then when it is shipped to you, all you have to do is fill it up with your stuff. Send it back to thredup (they pay for shipping) and then they will send you cash for what they want. Everything else they will donate to charity or you can pay a fee to have it sent back to you.
  • If you can’t bring it to a thrift store or if they didn’t buy your items, you can hold a garage sale. Sell all of your clothes for $1 each and then you will clear everything out. $1 may seem ridiculous but in my experience, people aren’t willing to pay what something is worth at a garage sale. This also all depends on your neighborhood. In richer neighborhoods you can probably sell items for more, but still undervalue everything if you want it to sell.
  • Sell online – If you have something rare or valuable and want to get more money from it then you would at a thrift store or garage sale, sell it on eBay. eBay is known for it’s fashionable finds!
  • If eBay isn’t your thing, there are apps on your iPhone where you can sell clothing to peers. Apps like Poshmark and Threadflip are easy to use. Just upload a picture and name our price.

Enjoy your extra cash! What are you going to spend it on?

{Image: Cotton}

June and July Empties – Products I’ve Used Up

Hi Kind Friends!

I’m happy to report I’ve worked through a lot of my beauty stash these past two months. I’m feeling very proud of myself to be at a “low point” with the amount of beauty products I own. Things are getting a lot more manageable. Soon I’ll be able to focus on just a few staple products rather than this big mass of all kinds of beauty paraphernalia.

Check out my empties video below!


Note, not all of the products in this list are cruelty-free so shop at your own discretion.

- Products I’ve used up -


  1. Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner
  2. Organix Keratin Therapy Conditioner x2
  3. Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner 
  4. Loreal Oil Infused Shampoo and Conditioner (Foil samples)
  5. Disney Shampoo and Conditioner x 2
  6. Macadamia Hair Healing Oil Treatment


  1. Thick and Clean generic baby wipes
  2. Natracare Feminine Wipes (c/o)
  3. Burt’s Bees Shave Cream (c/o, Haul)
  4. Citrus Clear Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer (c/o)
  5. InstaNaturals Vitamin C Serum (c/o)
  6. Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum (c/o, Wedding Skincare Routine)

Misc. Beauty:

  1. Essie Luxeeffects A Cut Above
  2. Swisspers Organic Cotton Rounds
  3. Nailfiles


  1. Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream (Review)
  2. Unknown lipbalm
  3. Perfume samples (thrown away)
  4. mark. Glow Baby Glow m.powerment Gold (thrown away)
  5. Laura Geller Lip Pops Lush Waterproof Lip Gloss Nolita Pink (c/o, thrown away)
  6. Physician’s Formula Concealer

Household Items:

  1. Out! Pet Care Odor and Stain Remover for Carpets
  2. Generic Clog Removing Gel
  3. Zen Candles Caribbean Coconut
  4. mark. Comfy Cozy x2

 If you are reading this – let me know in the comments what your staple beauty products are.

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