Follow Me Around: Kohls #Yes2You Rewards Shop & Haul


{This post has been pre-scheduled while I enjoy my honeymoon! Keep up with me and Chris on Twitter and Instagram while we’re gone.}

Hi Kind Friends!

Today I’m taking you on a shopping trip with me to Kohls to try their new #Yes2You rewards program, where you earn more points and rewards with every purchase. Kohls graciously provided me with $50 to spend at the store to try everything out but my opinions are entirely my own and this post has not been sponsored.


When looking around, it was hard keeping my cart from overflowing! The items that were in my dressing room were actually after my “first cut.” The Candies line in particular really spoke to my style.

My favorite purchase was probably the stripped dress. I’ve worn it three times already! The chalkboard is in my hallway now and I’m pretty obsessed with it.

If you have a Kohls in the area, definitely sign up for the #Yes2You program! I really enjoyed my day shopping and already got some Kohls cash.

How I Planned My Wedding

rebecca kelsey and chris' wedding

Hi Kind Friends!

It’s true, I’m now Mrs. Cortes! Except not really. I’m writing this on November 10th so my wedding hasn’t actually happened yet. Hello from the past!

As you are reading this I will be on my honeymoon. I’m so looking forward to this break! Wedding planning is very stressful, even when you think you have everything done.

Here is the wedding planning process I went through.

1. Establishing a budget


As you may expect, a wedding is expensive. What you may not expect is that a $15,000 wedding is actually considered low budget (we spent around $13,000 by my estimate, including paying for the hotel rooms for our honeymoon). According to The Knot, an average wedding is generally around $30,000 with South Florida (where I live) being number 14 on the top 15 most expensive wedding averages. It was pretty stressful finding out these numbers.

We had a small intimate wedding of 50 guests, bought my dress second-hand, ditched party favors, and it was actually difficult to keep costs low.

To put things into perspective, the cost of our wedding was the same as the down payment on our apartment. Be prepared and start saving now, even if you don’t think a wedding will be in your future for another ten years. Most people take out loans to pay for their wedding and I’m so glad we didn’t need to (thanks to the financial support of our families, all of our savings went into that apartment down payment).

2. Finding a wedding package


At first I didn’t know wedding packages existed. In January when I started the planning process I tried to find the venue, flowers, and everything else separately. Every time I tried to get some planning done, I cried. Do not get anything separately if you can help it.

After doing some Google searches for low-budget Miami weddings (and weeding through the pages upon pages of beach weddings) I eventually found my dream venue, the Grand Salon Reception Hall.

Everything came together once Chris and I visited the Killian Palms Country Club, our venue with Grand Salon Reception Hall. It has been a perfect experience. They have wedding packages to suit all occasions and since we booked our wedding in February, we got to add in the gazebo ceremony for a discounted fee. The gazebo was the real selling point for me. I really wanted an outdoor wedding while Chris wanted one indoors. This way we could have both by getting married outside and having the party inside afterword.

With Grand Salon we got our wedding location, reception hall, food, open bar, photographer, DJ, invitations, and florist all for one base price. Then they gave us a checklist where we ticked off the options we wanted and met with the photographer, florist, etc. during a certain timeline that Grand Salon establishes on the checklist. It was really easy to follow and mostly stress-free.

3. The little details and get togethers


With the help of my family and bridesmaids, everything else came together. My Maid of Honor hosted the Coed Bridal Shower and with making our DIY table numbers, my Mom helped me with the vendors that only spoke spanish and with putting together a few other DIY accents, Mom and MOH coordinated My Bachelorette Party, my Mother-In-Law sorted out The Rehearsal Dinner, and much more. Chris helped me so much with decision making, handling his and the groomsmen’s tuxedo’s, and with a lot of the smaller things I’m working on now (the week before the wedding) to help keep my stress level low. I still freaked out and cried often (having Aunt Flow visit the week before my wedding paid a toll on me) but it would have been so much worse without the help of my family.

Update from November 17th: My bridesmaids were such a help the day before and day of the wedding. I got so nervous!

I am so very grateful for all of the people that helped Chris and I put together our special day. I couldn’t have done it without them.

In a separate post I’ll talk about my wedding dress and picking the bridesmaids dresses. Stay tuned!

What are your planning tips for future brides?

 {Photos via Grand Salon Reception Hall and omghow on Instagram}

Non-Instagram photos coming soon!


November 16th, 2014

rebecca kelsey sampson's wedding

Today is my wedding day.

My wedding day.

I feel like this day has been in the making forever. Yet it came so soon.

I met Chris when I was only 15 years old, almost ten years ago. Now here we are. The happy parents to two fur babies (thank you Mustache and Pokiemans for the smiles), homeowners, and online content creators. I never could have envisioned this life for myself. I have never been happier.

Now I’m starting a new adventure, being a wife. I’ve felt like one for such a long time already… yet it’s different. This wedding, a celebration of our love with 50 of our closest family members and friends, it’s going to change things for us. I don’t know how much of a change it’ll be but I know it’ll be a good one.

It all starts today.

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Thank you all for keeping up with Wedding Week, I’m so happy I have all of this recorded to look back upon. I’ll have more posts throughout the month giving you the full location, flowers, and wedding dress details (once I get in the photos) so that my fellow Miami friends can get some tips. We are also going to be vlogging throughout our entire honeymoon so stay tuned for that soon.

Most of all, thank you for all of the support over the years. I appreciate every one of you.

– Mrs. Cortes

A poem I wrote for my family this weekend:


Wedding Week: