Workout of the Day #4: Mustache’s First Time at Run Club (10/15/14)

bring your dog to run club

Last week Mustache and I went on an adventure together, to the Kendall Rub Club at SoleRUNNERS. You may remember from previous posts and vlogs that I’ve been going to this run club on and off for a few months now. This time, I decided to take little Mustache and see how well he would do.

Boy, it was cute. He was practically giving himself a heart attack with how excited he was. Every time someone would pass him, he would feel motivated to move faster. Often he was pulling me to keep up with the other people in the group. I even turned around half way because I knew he was pushing himself too hard.

It was a great experience and I plan on bringing him every time I go to run club. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks he’ll be able to pace himself for the 3 miles?!

Outfit c/o Fabletics

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Sunday Edition #1


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Saturday Link Love: Say No to Pumpkin Carving and Some Fun Decor to Try


no carve pumpkins

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