Bulu Box – Health and Fitness Box – April

bulu box advertisement

Good afternoon sweet darlings! Today I have the distinct pleasure of presenting you with Bulu Box, a health and fitness subscription box aimed at helping you like a happy and healthy life. For the next few months I will be a sharing their monthly box subscription. 

For complete and honest disclosure, I am not being paid to make these videos. However, if you join Bulu Box using the links in this post and using the code BULUGAN659 – I get a commission. Thank you to anyone who uses my referral, honeymoons are pricey! 


Now, onto my box. See the video above for my full thoughts and to see what products I received this month. 

I’m excited to be implementing this into my new happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Speaking of active living, I’ve joined a running club! They meet every Wednesday and it has been a blast. 

Kendall run club miami

Reminder: Get 50% off Bulu Box by clicking the links in this post and using the code BULUGAN659.

Talk soon!

Thinking on my Goals from March, April, and Onward to May

writing in cursive as a goal

In March I made one funny goal (writing exclusively in cursive) and a more challenging one (no social media after 10 PM). 

Writing my to-do lists for the day and my daily gratitudes in cursive was actually fun! I noticed my handwriting improving towards the end of the month. I’m definitely going to keep up this goal. 

The social media deadline was also easier than I thought. I only messed up on this deadline two or three times the whole month. In April, I planned to stop using my computer and social media after 9:30 PM instead and that was also easy for my to complete. For now I will continue at 9:30 PM but I hope to eventually get up to 8. I rely too heavily on computers! I don’t want those screens to disrupt my sleep patterns.

taking my dog on a daily walk

Another goal of mine for April was to take Mustache for a walk as soon as I wake up every morning. I believe I was successful about 90% of the time. This goal made Mustache so happy that it was easy for me to continue. The one issue with taking him on these small walks (about 0.65 miles in 20 minutes) is that Mustache stopped getting his long walks (1.5 miles in an hour) every week like he was before. I’d like to put more of an emphasis on this goal in May. 

Mustache also started puppy basic training at Petsmart. I think I’ll want him to have his longer walks on Sunday mornings before he has puppy training. He has been behaving surprisingly well during but he isn’t as excitable after his workout so that would be helpful. 

In addition to my previous goals, I want to give attention to my blog for 15 minutes every weekday and then 1 hour on Saturday and Sunday. With work and the wedding my posts and videos have fallen short. Nothing makes me sadder than this! Since 15 minutes a day seems reasonable, I hope I can keep it up and not make excuses. Another small 15 minute goal I’d like to start in May is to read before bed. I’ve started this goal a little early by going to the public library last week and picking up Allure’s Confession’s of a Beauty Editor and exploring the Pottermore interface again. I’m OwlFeather75 if you want to add me.

What goals are you working on? I love the focus of The Happiness Project. Each month my goals add on to each other, forming new habits each month. 

Now, if only I could stick to my cleaning goals! 

and a DIY Home: Small Items “Jewelry” Organizer From Old Bowls

DIY jewelry holders from bowls and plates

I’ve always seen these beautiful jewelry organizers made from old plates, bowls, and candle stick holders. I’ve always wanted to make one but I honestly use very little jewelry and I already have a jewelry box. 

diy school supplies organizer After sorting through my items for an upcoming garage sale I found some beautiful candle stick holders that I’ll never use and some bowls and plates I bought at Target. These beautiful plates and bowls have gone unused since they don’t match my other sets. So, I decided to just do make the project. Who cares if I have no jewelry?

diy home projects

I’m glad I did! Here is how the project turned out. I used the taller one to hold things I use before bed and the smaller one to hold some of my usual office supplies on my desk. 

organizing my desk DIY DIY home organizer

All I did was glue them together with a hot glue gun. Be cautious to not move the plates around after you add the glue. Hot glue doesn’t work as well as a stronger glue like e6000 on this project. Glue everything together and leave it alone for at least 30 minutes before you put it to use. 

Side note, I lost my hot glue gun for a few weeks and it felt like the end of the world. Once you have a hot glue gun you find a million reasons why you need a hot glue gun! I highly recommend you pick one up for upcoming DIY projects. 

What home projects are you looking to do? I’d love some more ideas!

Recent project: DIY Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Garland

(Image 1 / Image 2)

Girl-Karma and omghow are Looking for Virtual Interns!

welcome to the launch of omghow

I have the pleasure of letting you girls know that the company I work for, Girl-Karma, is looking for virtual internships for their new website omghow.com

At omghow, girls get help from other girls on all kinds of topics ranging from beauty tutorials to tough topics like breakups and makeups. 

This internship is aimed at high school students, each month you only work around 3-6 hours from the comfort of your own home. We know it’s hard to get work experience in high school when you have such little time left in your schedule, so we made this program specifically with ambitious teens in mind. 

For more information on what is required of a virtual intern on omghow, check out this document. Make sure to also sign up to be a member on omghow.com so you can get familiar with our community.

I hope to be working with you soon! I’ll be helping to mentor the interns in our program.

{Image source unknown}

P.S. Here is my profile so you can heart me once you join. 

and a DIY Home: Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Garland


Anthropologie has some gorgeous garlands but the tassel one I wanted was over $50 – no bueno! So I decided to make one myself with items I already owned. Doesn’t it look great in my living room? If you are interested in my photo clothesline, I also have a DIY on that project.


1. First, gather your supplies. You will need: tissue paper of various colors (preferably of the same length), cord or string (I used ombre yarn), scissors, nails, hammer, and tape. 


2. I recommend starting by hanging up your cord or string. This will give you an idea of how much space you will need to fill. Keep in mind that your tassels will weigh down your garland so you may need to adjust. I put my string up with tape for this reason. 


3. To make the tassels, lay out a piece of tissue paper. Fold it in half. Again. Then again. Fold it one more time. 


4. Last but not least, fold the tassel in half again. This time, from the opposite direction. 


5. To turn this strangely folded paper into a tassel, make small cuts on the paper on the edge that is not folded over. Leave at least once inch of space uncut. 


6. Open up the folded tissues paper once and start twisting from the middle until you can form a loop.


7. Add the tassels by looping it around the garland. If you have trouble keeping your tassels in place, add some tape to the back of your tassels. It won’t be noticeable! 

8. Lastly, hammer nails where you want the banner to hang, take off the tape, and tie the string.

What home decor project have you done recently? What do you want to know how to do?


I’d love some more projects to do!

I originally wrote this blog post as a how-to on omghow.com! Make sure you leave a comment on that post as well and follow my profile. You’ll love the site!