Mustache’s Emergency Vet Visit and An Unconventional Gift Idea

mustache and banfield

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am sharing with you an unconventional gift idea – getting a “Wellness Plan” for your pet or a family member’s pet. Moms and Dads reading¬†this, get this for your furry grandchildren!

If you aren’t aware, a Wellness Plan is like a monthly insurance plan for dogs. I have my plan with Banfield Pet Hospital, which is the pet hospital attached to Petsmart stores.

They have three basic plans for dogs (a special separate one for puppies and then different ones for cats), where I currently have the cheapest plan at approximately $25 a month. With this plan Mustache gets two comprehensive physicals a year, unlimited free office visits, complete bloodwork once a year, free vaccines (!!!), two de-worming sessions, and two fecal exams yearly. The installment fee of about $45 and the monthly $25 fee would not even cover the cost of just his yearly vaccines. It’s a bargain.

But what I love most about this plan is the peace of mind. All of you have been there. Your dog is sick and you are left to worry “Is this sick enough to go to the pet emergency room?” and then if he doesn’t get better right away you feel more and more guilty. Now whenever Mustache is sick I can take him in right away and not feel that horrible worry. If nothing is really wrong? Great, no cost. But if he does need some help or special digestive food for his tummy ache? It will be a lot cheaper to treat than if Mustache wasn’t on a plan.

I am so grateful to Banfield for helping keep my mischevious pup healthy.

Here is a vlog of my first visit to Banfield in September, after Mustache ATE A PENCIL. I’m not kidding.


So, there you have it. Give someone (or yourself) piece of mind this holiday by taking them and their pet in to a Banfield Pet Hospital and signing up for the Wellness Plan.

I’m hoping to sign our kitty up in the new year.


Very Late November Favorites

Hi Kind Friends! Today I have a very late post, my November favorites. I know, I was supposed to have this up about a week ago. It took me so long because I’ve been swamped editing honeymoon vlogs, which is so exciting to me. I do plan on having a full week dedicated to my honeymoon on but if you want a sneak peek before that goes live, go to Chris’ and I’s vlogging channel Daily Random Happenstance. We have 5 videos from the trip up already!

Anyway, since this post is so late I’m going to make it up to you by having the text be very detailed. Watch the video and read the rest of this post for the full gist of why I’m loving each product.


  1. My wedding ring: This ring was passed on to me from my grandmother and it was hand crafted in Cuba. I love it so much for it’s unique setting and happy history.
  2. My wedding dress: My dress was only $260 because it needed minimal altering and was purchased second hand at one of my favorite stores, the Goodwill. I’m thinking on donating it so that another bride can enjoy.
  3. Epcot beanie: My ears really needed some warmth on my honeymoon! I wish it was colder here so I could use it more often.
  4. Forever 21 coat: This was purchased several years ago but it as really lasted me. Its very fashionable and so “me.”


  1. My work-in-progress novel for #NaNoWriMo: I am so pumped to have been able to have written so much. My main goal for 2015 is to do a few more drafts and get it out to publishers. Let me know if you have any query advice!
  2. Lorna Jane 2015 agenda: This agenda has improved so much over the 2014 model!


  1. Roomba: It is a lifesaver. I need an army of robots to clean my house. I actually have one of the older models so I can’t even imagine having the newest one if the old model is so life changing.


  1. Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser: A great basic face cleaner. If you have normal skin with minimal problems, this will keep your skin clean without over drying it.
  2. Alba Mega Moisture Conditioner: Although this product has really calmed down my frizz, it makes me need to shower more often. So it’s a love/hate! I’ll try another conditioner from this brand but wouldn’t buy this one again. Just in case you forgot – I don’t use shampoo!

I already have a list of cool things to show you for December!

What’s on your favorites list?



Saturday Link Love: The Mostly Video Edition


Hi Kind Friends! Today I have a really fun link love that hosts a giveaway announcement as well as several awesome videos. Check them out and comment your favorite posts (even if it’s from your own blog) below!

  • Mockeri shares dozens of free printables on her website and one that I thought was particularly cool was this cute Harry Potter print, shown above. Check out her blog for even more awesome printables.
  • The company I work for, omghow, is hosting the 12 days of omggiveaways starting today. Make sure you follow our social media accounts to win prizes all the way up until Christmas. The prizes are secret but I’ve taken a sneak peek at them and wow they rock!¬†Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  • Blogilates is one of my favorite online YouTube fitness instructors and this routine blew me out of the water. It is now in my top 3 favorite workouts along with her 5 minutes cardio.


  • As you know, my husband Chris is a hardcore gamer. Other than during our honeymoon I can’t remember a single day where he wasn’t spending a few hours gaming. He showed me the above video where it’s a compilation of most of the games released in 2014. It was so cool to watch, even as a more casual gamer.

  • Speaking of the year in review, check out this year’s YouTube rewind. It is such a fun compilation¬†showcasing the videos and people that went viral this year. My favorite part? The Frozen section, of course.

What were your favorite blog posts or videos this week?

PS Did you hear we are going to Mars in the 2030s? I’m flipping out about it.