Today’s Video: Hair Help! Preventing Chlorine Damage

Good morning glitteristas!

Here is the new video from rebeccarambles for the July Video Extravaganza. This video will teach you how to prevent chlorine damage on your hair when you frequent the pool this summer. I hope you find it helpful.

What you’ll need:
Conditioner (I used Garnier Fructis Color Shield.)
Swimmer’s Shampoo (I used Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo, hard to find except online.)
Swimmer’s Cap (Optional. Super Secret: My favorite movie is Enchanted.)

Going in the pool every once in awhile and showering after is fine but if you are going in consistently the chlorine will build up in your hair, making it dryer and more prone to breakage. Your hair is like a sponge so it is going to take in all of those harmful chemicals.

My bathing suit from Forever21,
pattern no longer available.

To prevent chlorine damage, follow these steps: First, dampen your hair. This way your hair won’t have as much room to take in chlorine. Then, add an extra barrier of conditioner. This will also make it harder for chlorine to be absorbed by your hair. If you have one, put on a Swimmer’s Cap. Even though these shield your hair pretty effectively your baby hairs will still stick out of the cap so I would recommend you still use this method. Then when you are done in the pool, shampoo your hair using a shampoo made for swimmers. This will help regulate the pH in your hair back to normal.

Since I have been going in the pool consistently I’ve actually noticed my hair improving because of the deep conditioning! I hope you dolls found this helpful.

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Do you have any other tips or have you tried this method? Let me know in the comments!

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