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DIY Tinted Brow Gel

Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you a quick video on how to make your own DIY tinted brow gel. It is surprisingly easy to make.   You will need: Some sort of small container Blow dryer (if the container is not microwave safe) Eye shadow Some sort of thick waxy-like consistency (I used the… [Read More]

100 Reasons To Be Happy, Part Eight

Today I am feeling particularly happy so I am going to add another entry into my series 100 Reasons To Be Happy. If you weren’t aware, for 10 weeks I am going to add 10 more reasons to the list until I reach 100. 71) Facebook Birthday wall posts 72) Spending a few hours watching… [Read More]

Sneaky Ways To Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be a time sucking burden. I personally love to exercise (hear about my fitness routine) but sometimes life gets in the way and I’m not able to make the time. As such, this post was created to help you add in some sneaky ways to exercise throughout the day just by doing… [Read More]

100 Reasons To Be Happy, Part Seven

{via}   10 more reasons to be happy? Why not?! Who doesn’t love to be happy? If you weren’t aware, for 10 weeks I will be posting another 10 reasons to be happy until I reach 100. If you missed any of the posts, click here to read more of the 100 reasons to be happy… [Read More]

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Review

Let’s Chat About…. makeup primers! Today I am sharing with you a Rimmel Fix and Perfect review. It’s a new primer at the drugstore that I am really liking. If you have never used a primer before, basically it is a product you put on before you apply your foundation to make sure your foundation doesn’t… [Read More]

100 Reasons To Be Happy, Part Six

{via}   Seriously, stop and smell the roses! There is millions of reasons to be happy. Here is another 10 reasons to add to my 100 Reasons To Be Happy theme. Missed any of the previous entries? Click here to read the other parts. 51) Good hair days {via} 52) The first paycheck at a… [Read More]

My Back To School Outfits

Hi Kind Friends! I originally intended on having seven outfits for a whole week of clothes but then I got sick, poo! Here is a list of all of the brands I wore in the below back to school outfits video. Take into consideration that this is more of an inspiration video rather then a shopping list. A lot… [Read More]