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Free Last Minute Halloween Costumes

  Believe it or not, next Monday is Halloween. Do you have a costume picked out? If you don’t have one yet, check out these options for free last minute Halloween costumes. So, your first option is to be a ninja. A video tutorial by Michelle Phan shows you how to be a ninja in less… [Read More]

Diamond Candles Review

  I have been really intrigued with the candles on for a few months now but I had to restrain myself and wait until I finished my other candles first. I’m trying to learn to finish all of my products before I try new things, which has actually been a bit of a challenge for me… [Read More]

An Everyday Natural No-Fuss Look: Makeup Tutorial

  I feel like I am a high maintenance girl that is lazy. I like my makeup to look like just an enhanced version of myself but in a really short amount of time (average of 10 minutes). This is how I do it! All of the products are listed below, it looks like a lot but… [Read More]

100 Reasons To Be Happy: Skin Edition

{}   A few months ago I started writing about what makes me happy, hence 100 Reasons To Be Happy was born (inspired by I thought it would be good to take a minute to think about the little things. I loved doing the posts so much that I decided to add more then… [Read More]

Upcycle Your Birchbox Boxes!

When I joined Birchbox I was struck with an over abundance of extra boxes. I didn’t want to throw them away so I’ve just had them accumulating in a corner. That seemed just as wasteful, so here I’ve compiled a list of ways you can upcycle your Birchbox boxes. The easiest way to upcycle your… [Read More]

The Mascara Diaries: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara Review

  Happy weekend! Today I put up a quick video sharing with you a Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara review – how it applies applies and wears throughout the day. Physcians Formula is a cruelty-free brand that is available at the drugstore and at Target locations. It has a thick plastic wand with short small bristles… [Read More]

Feeling Blue?

Everyone has trouble feeling confident at times. No one feels beautiful, successful, and happy everyday. I have had some stressful days recently so I wanted to share my tips with you guys on how I cheer myself up and stay confident in this post on feeling blue. Some of these tips are kind of strange… [Read More]