Swag: November Eco Emi 2011

Last week I got in a new Eco Emi for November. If you weren’t aware, Eco Emi is a subscription service ($15 for USA, $30 international) that sends you eco-friendly, cruelty free (and often vegan) samples of beauty, lifestyle, and food products. See my other Eco Emi posts here.

The sample items in my box this month were:
2. Keeki Ooh La La Lip Shimmer by Keeki Pure and Simple
3. Eye Shadow Sunlight by Earth’s Beauty
4. Foot Cream Candy Mint by Deep Steep
5. Dark Chocolate by Sweet Riot
7. Ugandan Shea Butter Hand Cream by Planet Botanicals 
9. Pin button by Soul Flower
My favorite product from this month would be the Vanilla and Sweet Orange Mist. It is a mist that can be used as a perfume, subtle room spray, and a face refresher! Very interesting and diverse. It smells really sweet but not obnoxiously so. 
The Deep Steep foot cream was very moisturizing but too minty for my tastes. I don’t know why but I have never been a fan of minty smells and I don’t get why there are so many minty foot creams…. I don’t want minty feet! But the product itself worked well and the packaging reminded me of the holiday season.
The dark chocolate… I hated. There is no nice way to say it. I like dark chocolate in general but this one in particular was the most bitter dark chocolate I have ever tasted. Obviously dark chocolate is supposed to be bitter but this was so bitter that I didn’t even want to finish my bite. However, I plan on mixing some milk with this and turning it into hot chocolate. I love when they send food products because my current super market doesn’t have many “greener” brand options. Even though I didn’t like this one in particular I always look forward to seeing if there is food in my box.
The shea butter hand cream from Plant Botanicals was very moisturizing and the button from Soul Flower was cute. 
I haven’t tried the rest of the items from this month yet but if any of them really stand out to me I’ll let you know.
Have any of you found any great organic or eco-friendly products lately? 

Kindness is the best accessory,

Alternative Uses for Conditioner

I have a lot of beauty and hygiene products stored under my bed and cabinet, most of which I don’t even like that much! Here I’ll share some ways to use up some old conditioner bottles so you can get more bang for your buck. You’ll be greener by using up old products in different ways, hence stopping you from  purchasing products you technically don’t need since you can substitute them. See more posts along these lines here and the introduction to this series here.

Here are some alternative uses for hair conditioner:

  1. The easiest and most popular alternative use for conditioner would be to use it as shave gel. Most conditioners are really thick, meaning they will help prevent nicks from your razor. 
  2. Make your body hair softer by using conditioner as moisturizer! Occasionally I’ll use it on my arms. If you use a small amount it doesn’t feel sticky.
  3. You can easily make a DIY deep conditioner by combining EVOO with normal conditioner, just have it sit in your hair for a few hours while you do homework. I show you how in this video.
  4. Use conditioner as shampoo! Sounds weird, I know, but it works! Learn more about “no poo” CO washing routines here.

If you haven’t already, check out my post on alternative uses for shampoo and body wash. There is also some cool uses for conditioner here.

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Rebecca’s Delights: Easy Breakfast Smoothie

Good morning! Today I’m going to share with you my yummy (and easy!) breakfast smoothie recipe. You can follow the prompts in the above video or the instructions below. What I love about this smoothie is that it has servings of both fruit and vegetables without tasting funny. It is also filling enough to be your whole breakfast.

Orange juice (I use Florida’s Natural)
1 Whole banana (See how to make your bananas last longer here)
Vegetables (I use Organic Girl Super Food veggies that comes with red and green swiss chard, tat soi, arugula, and spinach)
Protein powder (Currently using Warrior Food vanilla enhanced from Eco Emi)
Flaxseeds (Good Sense Organic flaxseeds)

1. In an eight ounce glass add four ounces of orange juice, a banana (chopped), a few handfuls of vegetables, approximately a tablespoon of protein powder, and half a handful of flaxseeds. All proportions are customizable to your tastes.
2. Pour ingredients into blender and blend for about 15 seconds. This will yield a thick smoothie. Keep blending if you don’t like the thick consistency.

That’s it! Very easy to make and you don’t even taste the vegetables, the orange and bananas over power them.

I hope you guys try out this recipe and if you do, let me know what you thought of it! To see more Rebecca’s Delights, click here.

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Guilty! Swag: LC Lauren Conrad PJs!


Remember when I said I was trying to live more minimally? Well…. I splurged a little on the Kohls LC Lauren Conrad line last night.

In my defense though, the sales were so amazing and it was (mostly) items I was planning on purchasing in 2012 (as part of my future “have pretty undergarments and pajamas, out with the ugly and old” resolution) and buying a few of them now on sale seemed economical…

I just want pretty pajamas! Am I the only one? I have all these baggy, not pretty, PJs that have stains and holes on them. I decided recently for 2012 I was going to get rid of all those not flattering items (through donations to local charities, of course) and purchase some sophisticated and comfortable sleep wear.

These are the items I decided to go with. This is my first LC Lauren Conrad purchase (I’ve been eyeing the brand all year!) so I’m pretty excited about it, even though technically this was a splurge.

Vintage Slumber Tiered Camisole and Vintage Slumber  Bird Pajama Shorts


The first two items are a tiered camisole and pajama shorts. I picked these two because I thought they matched enough to go together but they weren’t  too “matchy matchy”. I love the sophisticated pink tones with this pairing. I think the tiers on the camisole will be really flattering for my body shape and the little bird on the shorts are adorable!

Vintage Slumber Swiss Dot Pajama Set and Vintage Slumber  Pajama Romper


Next I picked up a cami and shorts set and a PJ romper! They both look so understatedly sophisticated. I love the mauvey-purple color of the romper and how it actually looks like separates.

Pointelle Poncho and Gold Tone Simulated Pearl Flower Pendant 
The last two items were not sleep wear related, so I really has no excuse to buy them other then I have a new found love for ponchos (similar to my love for my cape) and the necklace was gorgeous.
Have you shopped the LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohls before? I love everything Lauren does, she is my style icon! Do you read her blog
Don’t forget to use ebates for 4% cash back at Kohls!
Did you do any Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping?


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Kindness + Saturday Link Love: I Am That Girl

This week’s Saturday Link Love post is entirely dedicated to a charity I’m really passionate about, I Am That Girl (IATG).

Here is a summary of what IATG stands for: Being THAT GIRL means that we recognize our worth, that we’re perfectly-flawed and sublimely beauty-full.  Every time we look in the mirror, we are reminded that we are the author of our own lives, confident in our own skin, believe in the power of our dreams, feel gorgeous inside and out and can reinvent ourselves into whomever we CHOOSE to be.  While we’re certainly out to change the world, we must first start with ourselves… so join our mission, rock this world, and be THAT GIRL!”

I feel so passionate about this idea because of the breakthrough I went through this past year. Once I stopped and realized what I wanted in my life and started fighting for it, everything changed for me. I hope to help others find that confidence.

Watch this video below on how JewelMint has partnered with IATG to make beautiful friendship bracelets. I just purchased a few as gifts for my best friends this holiday season. Not only are they cute and inexpensive but they also help spread an empowering message. 

Are you that girl?

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