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December 20, 2011

Last Minute (Special) Gift Cards

A selection of gift cards in a store in New York on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. (© Richard B. Levine)

Well, Christmas is this Sunday. If you don’t have presents yet…. what are you doing?! If you don’t celebrate Christmas still read this post and save it for other gifting occasions! 

Here are some special/not so ordinary last minute gift cards that you can get for your friends or family last minute. Some of them are e-gifts while others you will have to receive in the mail. If they don’t get there by Christmas, just make a card or forward your order confirmation to show them you got it for them.

Fun and special gift cards….

For beauty-lovers

  1. Birchbox: Gift 3-12 months of deluxe beauty samples right at your door! My fiance bought me a year of Birchbox for Christmas so now I get to open up a small gift every month! Who doesn’t want presents every month?
  2. MyGlam: The idea is similar to Birchbox but instead of samples being based around a theme, you get a look in a makeup bag! Each month the bag and the look is different. This is a new service (just launched this month) but my first bag was very impressive.

For parents (I personally would love this but I bought it for my parents and Chris’ parents)

  1. Harry and David Fruit of the Month: I only found out about Harry and David a few months ago and fell in love with the idea. Every month you are sent high quality yummy fruits! What a fun idea! They have options for large and small homes.
  2. Restaurants: Get your parents out of the house! Some (not all) parents tend to give up on their social lives after having kids. Pick someplace expensive that they normally wouldn’t splurge on themselves. A lot of options are available on the perspective restaurants web sites but if not go straight to the restaurant to pick up a physical gift card. You still have time!

*Be careful when getting normal store gift cards for parents. I can’t trust my Mom with them! Instead of treating herself she buys presents for me…. It is the sweetest thing but she clearly didn’t get the point of my present!


  1. Groupon: The receiver can buy a vacation, cupcakes at a local bakery, yoga classes, etc! There is so much to choose from daily. You can choose the amount on the card.
  2. Restaurants: Rather then more expensive restaurants, pick some off the beaten path (like themed restaurants or based on foreign country tastes). Check places out on Yelp! If they are local you are going to have to go to their physical location to get a gift voucher.

Stressed friends, family, new parents, etc.:

  1. Massage Envy: A massage gift card is such a treat. If they have youngsters, offer to babysit while they spend their gift card! They also have monthly massage club memberships!

Can you tell I love subscription services?

Share your last minute gift subscriptions in the comments! 


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  • Chloejvz

    This is a great list of ideas! I love that it is not just the typical gift cards that come to mind!

    December 21, 2011 at 3:40 am Reply
  • Rebecca Kelsey

    That's why I wanted to post it! Although normal gift cards are great, they can get boring at times!

    December 22, 2011 at 4:05 pm Reply
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