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On The Go First Impressions: Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream

Sooo… I was bad and bought something when I was running errands. I didn’t need it, but I wanted it! Horrible, I know. But sometimes you need a break from being frugal! Anyway, I purchased the Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream while I was out running a quick errand. BB Cream generally stands for Blemish… [Read More]

If You Have Something Nice to Say…

Last weekend, while on vacation, I came to realize a new motto. As you know, I believe that “Kindness is the best accessory.” Too me, it means that no matter what you are wearing or how you look that day, nothing shines more beautifully than a kind heart. Spreading kindness could be anything from picking up a piece… [Read More]

30 Day Skin Transformation Results: Naturopathica Review

Today is the last day in the Naturopathica 30 Day Skin Transformation Challenge. To learn more about the challenge, refer back to this post. I’ve linked the products directly to the Naturopathica website but you can also find Naturopathica at Amazon with these promo codes. Here is some unedited pictures of my skin. I used… [Read More]

DIY Sock Bun Hair Tutorial

Do you have sparse or thin hair that makes you depressed when you tie your hair in a bun? *raises hand* Well, that’s why I started researching “sock buns.” Apparently they have been around for…. well, ever. I just had no clue! Here is video tutorial I just put up showing how you can have… [Read More]

My Experience with Hot Yoga

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness or yoga instructor. I only know what I read on Wikipedia and have experienced myself. As such, this article was written as a “normal Joe” would write it. Hope you enjoy! Hi Kind Friends! The past few weeks I have been going to a Hot Yoga class. What is hot yoga?… [Read More]

DIY Easy Valentine’s Day Gift

This February I wanted to show you how to make a very easy and inexpensive (yet thoughtful) DIY Valentine’s Day gift. This is perfect for those in high school, in a very new relationship (where you may not know the kind of things he likes), established relationships that don’t exchange gifts as often, if you… [Read More]