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Barriers to Motivation

Last week I went to a motivation workshop at my university. I’m always looking for ways to keep myself motivated and on track to following my dreams. The workshop ended up talking mostly about SMART goals (which you know I love and follow) so it was nice to have a refresher. One thing mentioned in… [Read More]

{Guest Post} Inspiration: Kindness

Hello! I am Chloe Jacqueline from I am really excited to be here at today! I am so lucky to have made a friend as sweet as she is! I, like Rebecca, love inspiring people and making others smile. I like to share special moments in my life, a bit of beauty, and… [Read More]

Kiss Nail Dress Nail Stickers Review

Earlier this month I received the Influenster Love VoxBox, a fun service where you get to try out new products for free. Inside the box was this month I’ve recently become obsessed with nail stickers so I was happy to try a new brand. So here I have a review of the nail stickers, Sexy from Kiss Nail Dress. The… [Read More]

How-To Create a Gratitude Journal

Hi Kind Friends! The first rule to journaling is that there are no set rules. However, I’ve learned a lot about a few different journaling techniques recently that I wanted to share. The first, creating a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Just write down a few things you were grateful for… [Read More]

FAQ: How Old Are You? Your Fiance? Money? + More

If you have found this post by accident, go here to find my new Frequently Asked Questions page.    

Feeling Connected to Music: Bare Naked by Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hi Kind Friends! Have you ever had a song that felt like your anthem? Like it defined you at a certain point in your life so entirely? I’m feeling that a lot lately with the song Bare Naked from Jennifer Love Hewitt. Remember she used to sing? She has such a great voice. I’ve been… [Read More]

Learning to Live Minimally, Update #1

For awhile now I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of beauty products (makeup, skincare, haircare) that I have accumulated and use on a regular bases. Coming from a (mostly) beauty blogger, that is pretty funny. When the majority of my income comes from talking about beauty products, why would I do this? … [Read More]