Kiss Nail Dress Nail Stickers Review

Earlier this month I received the Influenster Love VoxBox, a fun service where you get to try out new products for free. In my box was nail stickers! I’ve recently become obsessed with nail stickers so I was happy to try a new brand.

The nail stickers I received are called Sexy from Kiss Nail Dress. You have to actually go to their website to see what the name of your stickers are called. The packaging only lists a weird string of numbers and letters.

The prices of these nail polish stripes average about $8 at local drug stores, which is more inexpensive then the Sally Hansen Salon Effects I normally purchase (They range from $8-12). It also comes with 28 stripes, enough for three manicures (if you use two accent nails), so the value is amazing.

First application.

As for application, they apply just like Sally Hansen Salon Effects. You make sure your nail is clean of all polish, find a sticker that fits your nail as closely as possible, rub it onto our nail, and then file off the excess. The stickers themselves feel  thicker than I thought they would be. The only problem I had with application was that when the nail sticker was too big for my nail I had a hard time taking off the excess sides. With other brands I was able to get off excess sticker parts by pushing down on the area with a cuticle stick but the stickers were so thick so I actually had to cut them off with scissors.

Kiss Nail Dress after one week!

After about two days two of my nail stickers came off. I think this has to do with me putting on those two nails incorrectly though because the rest of my nails barely chipped. The picture above is after seven days! Barely any chipping at all.

The nails are supposed to last for 10 days but I got antsy for  a change after day seven so I changed them early.

All in all, I think they are a very good value and I would choose the Kiss Nail Dress over the Sally Hansen Salon Effects if they had more of a color range.

What nail sticker brands have you tried? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  2. this is the only brand of the stickers i like! here is my review

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