How to Make a Milkshake without Ice Cream

How to make a milkshake without ice cream

For this week’s DIY  I decided to mix it up and make something yummy, a milkshake without ice cream.



  1. Gather your ingredients: Milk (or a lactose-free substitute), sugar (or a sugar substitute), vanilla extract, a glass, blender, and ice.
  2. Fill your glass 75% full with ice.
  3. Add milk until it is just below the ice.
  4. Add a very small amount of vanilla extract (the exact amount is your preference).
  5. Cover the ingredients with a layer of sugar.
  6. Blend until ice is finely chopped (think slushy or even finer consistency).
  7. Enjoy/murder the bird that chirped throughout the whole video.

Let me know what you think after you’ve tried out this recipe! I’d love your feedback. 

My Experience With Using Henna Natural Dye

Before (direct sunlight), after first wash, second time after two washes. It looks a little more like picture #2 in real life and on camera.

On Earth Day I experimented with using Henna hair dye for the first time. I don’t know too much about Henna yet so if I say something that doesn’t sound right, let me know!

It was weird…. I’m definitely more used to box hair dye from the drugstore.

I purchased Caca Rouge Mama from Lush (the reddest color they make). It was my first time at Lush, the store was wonderful.

[Update: I use this henna now as a mix in with my DIY red color depositing conditioner and prefer it over this method.]

Here is the instructions, as explained by Lush:

  1. Cut the henna block up into small pieces and put in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Add hot water and any other additives you’d like and let steep. Mix to a yogurt-like consistency.
  3. Put on gloves and apply from back to front, coating hair thoroughly.
  4. Cover in cling wrap for a more vibrant red. Leave on for one to six hours.
  5. Rinse, shampoo, and condition hair.

The only thing I changed was that I repeated the entire process twice. I didn’t think it was red enough the first time so I repeated it because I had read that Henna builds up in your hair over time and gets more vibrant. It didn’t quite work out for me. My hair is redder but not as bright as I wanted it to be. I was hoping for more of an orangy-red rather then dark auburn.

My thoughts on the whole experience? I’m not sure I would do it again since I had no guarantee of the color I want. It’s great that it doesn’t damage my hair like other dyes do but I didn’t love the process. When I was trying to wash it out, I had a lot of trouble. I think it took over five minutes of massaging my scalp before I could get the product out.

What I may try is adding additional ingredients to my Henna. I’ve read of people adding honey, tea, coffee, etc. to manipulate the color and make it brighter. I’ve also been reading up on Henna glazes and those seem nice to add a little color but not too drastic of a change.

Henna is permanent so I’m stuck with this color for awhile. What I’m going to do to make it more to my liking is using honey lighting treatments to make the color brighter. I’d like to note though that I do look better now in pink! Haha.

So that is my review of the Caca Rouge Mama from Lush. I’m curious now how other henna’s measure up.

Have you used Henna before? What was your experience? Do you have any tips? Review – Challenge Yourself Daily Review

These past 10 days I’ve been obsessed with a website called Daily Challenge by MeYouHealth. I’m pretty horrible at explaining things so here is a summary from the website themselves:

Make small changes to your life every day

The first step when you sign up is to take a quiz to find out your well-being score. This score is meant to help you track your progress as you play. Then every morning you sign in and see what your challenge is. As you answer challenges and engage with other challengers (you respond to other people’s posts on how they did on challenges and join “pacts” for motivation to complete the challenges) then you get more points. Points then can turn into coins and then a certain amount of coins can turn into a key. When you get a key you can unlock a series of special challenges based on a theme. It sounds complicated but it only took me a week to be able to unlock (with my key, haha) a challenge series.

The different tracks you can choose from are Self Esteem, All Day Energy, Better Eating, Natural Living, and many more. It took me 15 minutes to decide which one I wanted to pick first.

You don’t have to specialize though. The “Everyday Well-Being” track that you start out with gives a good variety of challenges.

How challenging are the challenges?

It depends on you. I haven’t had any trouble with them. Most of the challenges take less then 10 minutes to do.

What kind of challenges?

They vary. In the Everyday Wellbeing challenges there could be a quick exercise (like doing 5 squats) and other times it is reading an article about skin cancer. You don’t know until the day starts!

Lately I’ve been starting my day by singing on to this site. The points I earn and the relationships I make with other people on the site make me want to sign in every day!

If you want to join, go to Once you are in, invite me as a connection (like a friend’s list) so that we can help motivate each other!

Have you challenged yourself today?