Pretty Little Liars Inspired Manicure

Forgive my un-clean edges! Eek!

Last week I was playing around with my nail polishes and came up with this combination, inspired by Hanna in Pretty Little Liars. I included a picture below.

What you’ll need:

1. A base coat. I used Lori Greiner by Orly Manicure Keeper Rubberized Basecoat
2. A red polish. I used Milani Feisty Red.
3. Cheetah print nail stickers. I used Kiss Nail Dress in Sexy (last seen on me here, c/o). 
4. Top coat, I love Beauty Secrets Top Coat.
5. A nail file and a small scissor.  


1. Apply a base coat onto every other finger (not on the nails where you will be putting stickers).
2. Apply one coat of a red polish onto the nails with the base coat. Wait until completely dry and then apply a second coat.
3. On the nails without the red, apply nail stickers as instructed. You can see how I apply nail stickers here
4. When filing off the excess of the nail stickers, cut one into a half moon shape and put it on a red nail of your choosing.
5. Apply a top coat.

That’s it! Trendy nails don’t have to be a big fuss!

Send me pictures of your manicure to my Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to see them!

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  1. Charlenevans09 says:

    I love your cheetah printed nails! It’s so cool and so fab! What my nails have right now are daisies..

  2. This is very cute nails. I would like to try this also.thanks for this post.

  3. Holy crap1 I want that cheetah print! Need that so badly!

  4. Heidi19 says:

    Wow! What a cute nail polish, specially the cheetah print. Love it so much and i’m so excited to have one. Thanks for sharing!

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