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October 27, 2012

Review: Skylark Lipgloss Duo (Ava and Sofia)

Elle and Blair Fowler recently created their own makeup line, Skylark. I’m really excited that they got to have such an amazing opportunity. What’s interesting about their line though is that they aren’t releasing a full product range immediately but rather releasing each product individually as it is perfected. Their first launch item is the Sofia and Ava lipgloss set for $29.95. This is pretty steep price for lipgloss so I wanted to let you know my thoughts on it.

I opened up Ava first because the color is so striking. In the packaging and in swatches (shows up much brighter then in the above pictures), it was gorgeous. A very opaque gloss. However, on the lips it was not flattering. The texture is very smooth, it has no fragrance (no plastic smell, yay!), and it isn’t tacky. The color was the problem. It was so light that it looked ridiculous on my skintone.  When I tried to take a picture it showed up as an almost lilac color. I don’t even want to show you the picture, it looked that bad on me. It is too bad because everything else about it was great.  You may be able to wear a lipstick and put a small amount of Ava on the middle of your lip and blend it out but by itself or with a heavy hand it looked too unnatural.

The Sofia color, on the other hand, is perfect. It isn’t as opaque as Ava but that isn’t a problem. It is very complementary for my skin tone and hair color. It’s thick enough to also be worn alone but sheer enough to be layered on top of a lipstick. I see myself wearing this color often. Side note, doesn’t my hair look so red in this picture? Love it! Check out my DIY Red Color Depositing Conditioner video here if your interested. Another thing to note about both glosses is that they are not kiss or food proof, they will get all over your glass and on your spouse so keep the lipgloss close by to reapply it.

Bottom line, for $29.95 I would not recommend buying the Skylark lipgloss set because I don’t plan on using Ava at all. However, if they ever sell these two lipglosses separately I would justify spending $15 on Sophia. It is such a great color and consistency. The lipglosses come with 0.1 oz and you can tell it will last for a few months with consistent use.

What lipglosses have you been loving recently?

You can see a video demonstration of these products from Blair Fowler here.

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