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November 13, 2012

Royal Riviera Pears Review


Royal Riviera Pears review

I was thinking today about what I should talk about and the first thing that came to mind was my new LivingSocial deal, $15 for a box of Royal Riviera Pears (regular price $30).

First of all, I can’t spell Riviera. For some reason I have a mental block with this word. I just posted the deal on Facebook, Twitter, and mentioned it three times already in this post (if you include the title) and every time I had to check to make sure I spelled it right.

Anywhoozle, I’ve been trying to find more fun things to do and experience on LivingSocial. Now that I’m working more I want to expand my horizons and enjoy all that life has to offer. The only other time I’ve purchased from LivingSocial was a set of hot yoga classes (that I ended up quitting, by the way) last year so I wanted to try more.

When I saw in my inbox today that I could get Royal Riviera Pears for half off I jumped at it! For Christmas last year, Chris and I purchased a six month food subscription service from Harry & David for both his parents and my Father. It was a huge hit! In two of the months they had these magnificent pears. You have no idea how much I loved them. After trying one, only one pear, I vowed to order a year subscription of pears (it exists) to be delivered to our home once we move out. I’m not kidding. This sounds like an exaggeration but it isn’t.

To make matters worse, the Royal Riviera Pears were the first pears I had ever tried. I started with the best! Once we ran out I tried some from my grocery store and it was not good enough. The Royal Riviera Pears were much juicier and sweeter. Now, I am spoiled and only want this one particular kind of pear.

So, I would highly recommend them. For the next few days you can get one box for $15 instead of $30 so grab it on LivingSocial while you still can. If you read this after the deal has finished, you can purchase them for full price here.

What is your favorite fruit? Do you like pears? Have you been spoiled by trying the best first?

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