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December 11, 2012

Holiday Exercise Challenge

Fitness Motivation

Love the image above! Finding the motivation to get started isn’t always easy. Which is why I made the fitness video below.

So, what did you think of my first fitness video? The idea is simple: go towards Christmas lights, take a look for a moment while you compose yourself, then go towards another house!

Motivation is the most important factor in fitness because your mindset can make or break you, which is why this holiday challenge works best for me. Seeing people being festive for the holiday season encourages me and helps me stay happy during my run, which isn’t always easy for me to do.

This challenge only works when running at night, so I recommend using lighted shoe clips, neon glowing wristbands, a light reflective vest, or even wearing neon clothing so that cars can see you. Stay safe!

What motivates you to work out during the holiday season?


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