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January 28, 2013

General Fitness Tips & Fitness Fashion Tips

Beginner fitness tips

Hi there! I’m really excited today to share with you another fitness video. I’m really enjoying bringing fitness more into my life and into this blog.


Above I talk in detail about a few fitness tips. I have a brief list below but it does not compare to the explanations above so make sure you press the play button!

Fitness tips:

  1. Don’t psych yourself out! Change your negative thoughts into more positive ones. Specifically I mention Runtastic Pro as being helpful for runners. 
  2. Don’t do things just because you think you have too. I hate gyms!
  3. Push yourself slightly harder than you want too. Don’t stop cold.
  4. Be comfortable. In both your clothes and your gear.
    • I mention two pairs of compression leggings and sweat repelling material that I own from pv.body. My black leggings can be found here and my black and pink ones are here.
    • My favorite sports bras are from Old Navy. I love them! Check them out here. I would not recommend Forever 21’s sports bras.

I generally exercise six days a week! Exercise has been engrossed into my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier about it. Especially since I started doing things at home rather then at a gym.

Some of my favorite exercise gurus:

  1. Tara Stiles (See posts I’ve written about Tara here)
  2. Cassey of Blogilates (See posts I’ve written about Cassey here)
  3. Livestrong Woman (In particular I like The Yoga SolutionPilates Bootcamp, and healthy living tips from A Little Bit Better)

Those are my tips, I sincerely hope you find them helpful. I have a lot of ideas for future fitness videos so stay tuned!



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  • Cindy Hoffman

    I hate hitting the gym, but I didn’t let that put me down. I usually focus much on functional fitness and all I can say is that I am happy with it. I have also heard some great things about runtastic and I think that it’s time I make my move and try it out. Thanks a lot for the video.


    January 19, 2016 at 5:10 am Reply
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