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January 5, 2013

My Second pv.body Box

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Yay for fitness! I calculated how many hours I worked out in December and it totaled 31 hours and some change! 21 of them were walking around Orlando theme parks but still, the left over 10 hours is still a lot for one month. I’m feeling really proud about my fitness and health commitments. 

Remember when I mentioned pv.body last month? You can check out my first outfit here. If you didn’t read that post, it explains how pv.body is a monthly fitness subscription service for $49.99 where you get really high-quality fitness clothes based on your style quiz. There is a lot of subscription services out there but I really like the idea behind this one since I work out at least six days a week and looking cute while doing something I do every day is very appealing to me! 

The outfit above was gifted to me for review purposes by pv.body (though I’ve subscribed already and the first post I made on it was with an outfit I purchased). 

pvbody collage

My favorite part about the outfit I received was the leggings. They have a small pocket in the front! It is too small for my phone but it fits my house key and a small lip balm perfectly. The leggings were from Cozy Orange, an eco-friendly yoga brand! I absolutely love brands with a more green ideology.  The specific leggings I received were the leo pants, which cost $53! With only one of the items the price of the subscription is already paid for.

These leggings are special for a few reasons. The pocket, for one, is genius. Second, the material repels sweat (something I really need). Lastly, and most embarrassing to mention, it has a special breathable fabric in the crotch area to make sure you are comfortable down there. Really strange to mention but I consider that a major plus in leggings. My last outfit had that feature as well but I didn’t mention it in that post. I have never seen that feature in cheaper brands. 

My top is from Electric Yoga and retails in the $60 range. I can’t find my exact top on the website so I don’t have all of the specifications but it is also that sweat resistent material.  I also received two hair bands that were made from elastic, so they won’t cause creases in your hair. Great for if you are going out after your workout. 

So that was my second outfit from pv.body! I can’t wait to get the next one. My cheaper workout clothes (that I’ve gotten from Forever 21) are really starting to wear out. I love buying clothes in general from Forever 21 since my style changes so often (if I may not use something a year later then I wouldn’t want to spend a lot on it) but since my fitness style hasn’t changed in years, I’m happy to support products from brands I know will last for a long time.

If you want to try out this fitness clothing service, make sure to use my referral link. Then you can get 20% off! 

What do you wear to work out? Tag me on an Instagram post!

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