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February 18, 2013

Night Routine: Travel Edition

Getting Ready Travel Night Routine by Rebecca

While I was on my San Francisco business trip with girl-karma I did my routines a little differently. For one, I tried to minimize what I generally use for skincare and double up on multitaskers. In the video below you are going to see how I got ready for bed every night after work.


Products used:
1. Hotel conditioner and my DIY conditioner
2. Here is an explanation on how I don’t use shampoo
3. Conair comb
4. CVS Head wrap
5. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Cleanser
6. EVOO on my face, neck, and lashes (Body as well. Here is how I moisturize my body with EVOO.)
7. Blow volumizer blow dry spray (used without blow drying)
8. Gel and smoothing cream combined

That’s all! I tried to keep things simple. I let my hair air dry to a more textured look.

How do you do your hair while you are traveling?

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