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March 12, 2013

We’re {Eventually} Getting Married: My Wedding Ring

Passing on Wedding Rings and Jewelry by Rebecca Kelsey 3

I believe that passing on wedding rings is like passing on love. Imagining that these objects absorb the love around them makes me incredibly happy.  I have just always been incredibly passionate about the idea of saving my precious jewelry for my daughters or granddaughters. Above is my late Abuela’s wedding ring. When Chris and I finally tie the knot (hopefully sometime next year), it will be my wedding ring as well.

Passing on Wedding Rings and Jewelry by Rebecca Kelsey 2

Right now the ring is incredibly large on my finger so I’ll have to bring it in to be sized before I can wear it. I’m a little nervous about getting it sized and something bad happening to it because I’ve never seen a ring with this design before. It’s really interesting that it has both circle and square shaped diamonds.

Passing on Wedding Rings and Jewelry by Rebecca Kelsey 5

Passing on Wedding Rings and Jewelry by Rebecca Kelsey 4

You don’t see that kind of setting too often. This ring was made in Cuba and traveled to America when my Mom was really young (in the 1970s). I don’t have the date that my late Abuela got married but her first child was born in 1951 so this ring has been through many years.

Passing on Wedding Rings and Jewelry by Rebecca Kelsey 6

For good measure, above is my Mother’s engagement ring and wedding ring. I’m currently using her engagement ring. After I get married I don’t plain on wearing it anymore since Abuela’s ring is so massive. They just don’t look right with each other. We’re not sure yet if we’ll pass Mom’s wedding ring set to our daughters or to my sister Amanda when it’s her time to get married.

Fun fact, I wore my Mom’s wedding ring all throughout high school! My parents divorced when I was really young.

When I think about what ring I would have chosen if I didn’t have my Abuela’s, I feel conflicted. Part of me wants a stand out vintage inspired ring (like the Hayley diamond ring, it’s technically an engagement ring but I’d wear it as a wedding ring) but then another part of me wants something more understated like my Mom’s. It’s so hard to decide. It’s surprising how many different kinds of wedding rings there are. According to this wedding ring guide from Samara James there is a lot of different cuts to consider as well as the diamond’s clarity.

What wedding ring do you have or want to have?

Take a look at the Samara James catalog if you need some inspiration.

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 P. S. Here is a necklace also passed on from my Abuela.

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