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May 24, 2013

DIY Mosaic Vase from Egg Shells

DIY egg shell mosaic

My love for collecting weird things pays off! Remember when I talked about collecting spaghetti jars? Another one of them came in handy when I decided to make this egg shell mosaic from GlamourWonderland. See her original video for how to make egg shell jewelry.

I loved the idea of making a mosaic out of egg shells. I’ve always been a creative person so this was a lot of fun for me but even for someone that isn’t as creative I can see this as a great project to try because of how meticulous you have to get when putting on the cracked egg shells. The math and science loving part of me really enjoys the repetition.

This project can also be done on all kinds of items and either left white or painted any color. The ideas are endless so it will match any decor.


  1. Jar or item to cover
  2. Egg shells (I used six)
  3. Glue (I used spray glue, I’ve seen people use Elmers)
  4. Tweezer (to manipulate shells on jar)
  5. Water colors
  6. Mod Podge (to cover everything when project is complete)

I didn’t need to buy a thing for this project and since most people throw away jars and egg shells I feel pretty eco-friendly! I’m really excited to make another one soon.

Instructions (shown in detail on the video):

  1. Clean the surface you will be using. I used the recipe for my generic Goo Gone to clean the jar.
  2. Add glue to a small section of the area you are covering and add some broken egg shells to the surface. Work in small sections until you cover the entire area. Let it sit once you are done for at least an hour to be sure that everything is dry.
  3. Paint the area with water colors.
  4. Cover everything with Mod Podge to seal the design. I did this while the water colors were still wet so everything would blend together.
  5. Wait and enjoy! It would look stunning to have a flameless candle in the middle shinning through the glass. Sadly, I don’t have a flameless candle so I can’t see it for myself.

Please let me know if any of you make this project! I would absolutely love to see it. Tag me on Twitter and Instagrm with #RebeccaDIY.


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