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May 15, 2013

How-To Add More Fitness Into Your Day

Fitness motivation

Lately it has been very difficult to find the time to exercise…. Well, technically I can find an hour or so but it has been hard to convince myself that I shouldn’t be having Charmed marathons on Netflix instead.

While I’m working on getting myself back into a fitness routine I’ve started to add in small lifestyle changes that will help keep my physique.


More details and examples are in the video above but here is the basics of the fitness suggestions:

  1. Work out your legs while doing things like getting ice and water (or also while in the shower)
  2. Do jumping jacks or run in place while using the microwave
  3. Park far away when you go shopping (Thanks Shay Carl for the motivation)
  4. Take the stairs if you need to go up three floors or less
  5. Work out your abs with Blogilates ABC Abs while watching TV, YouTube videos, or listening to podcasts
  6. If you have five minutes, do the Blogilates 5 Minute Fat Burning Cardio

Let me know what motivates you to work out. I am definitely in the market for motivation!


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