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June 5, 2013

Run for Charity (Wherever and Whenever) with Charity Miles

How charity miles works

Happy National Running Day!

I’ve heard from a few readers and friends (you guys know me so well!) about the iPhone application Charity Miles (Also available for Andriod). The idea is simple, you click on the app, pick a charity, and click start. After you run you confirm your sponsorship (by sharing it on either Facebook or Twitter) and then the money generated from your run (you can also walk or bike) goes toward that charity. It is a pretty motivating practice.

See the promotional video:

I’ve been using this application for a week now and have noticed the charities change a little bit. I’m not sure how often the charities change. I think I may find a signature charity (most likely the Nature Conservancy) and just work on helping then as much as possible. Would you change it up each time or pick one charity? I wish I could support the Alzheimer’s Association but I don’t think you would be able to see a measurable impact (on the app you can see what exactly your money is working towards) so it doesn’t seem like that is a possibility. I think I’ll email them to ask.

It really makes me happy to not only help my body (I’m still training for next February’s half-marathon) but also help the world around me. Who doesn’t love an easy way to help out?

UPDATE: See my full review and demonstration of Charity Miles here!

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