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July 24, 2013

Easy Headband Curls

headband curls

I’ve heard of headband curls numerous times over the past few years vlogging. They always seemed to work on other people… just not me. I couldn’t figure out why. Finally after some trial and error I realized the problem was the headbands I was using. I needed those thick fabric headbands, I couldn’t use the pretty decorative ones I was trying to make work. 

headband curls 3

Big fabric headband curls give my hair more long lasting body (any body I have goes away after a few hours) and more uniform curls. My natural wave texture is very random, some parts are more wavy than others and other strands are completely straight. It’s so irritating! With some scrunching hair products it can look more uniform but with the headband curls I can make a more sleek look.

See the tutorial below for how I use this technique. Note that the curls look tighter and less messy if you don’t sleep on them. Often I’ll do this in the morning and take it off 4-5 hours later for a nicer look but I didn’t have time on this particular day. 

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Do you prefer heatless curls or curls with a straightener/curling iron? I like the way my hair looks the most when I curl it with a straightener but I just can’t bare doing that much damage to my already fragile thin hair except on special occasions. 

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