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July 9, 2013

Working at Home: The Long Hours

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In my last Instagram giveaway I asked for blog post suggestions and one post kept getting mentioned, what was it like working from home? 

Well, it is amazing and incredibly difficult at the same time. 

I tell myself  on Monday “I’m going to work from 9-5 on girl-karma today” (all computer work) and then I end up oversleeping until 10 AM, not starting work until 12, taking a break to eat at 2, and then not finishing my hours until 10 PM (sometimes not even the complete eight hours I needed).

Then on Tuesday I get up on time and start working at 9. But, CRISIS! By 11 I’m needed to help someone with something of dire importance and since I’m at home I’m the one to help. I get back to work at 3, work until 7, then I go on my run with Chris, and work until 10 PM again.

On Wednesday things might go as planned, you never know!

But then BAMB, I’m hungry and since I haven’t had time to go to the grocery store I am left with something I don’t quite like. So, I stop what I’m doing and go to Publix. If I waited until after 5 to go like I did last week I would be stuck in traffic and the aisles would be full of people and maneuvering the cart would be tough. Since Summer has started there is kids all over the store as well and that makes it harder to move around.

Every day has been a little different, keeping up full time hours as the social media manager at girl-karma  (would you like a post on what a SMM does?) hasn’t been easy. Life gets in the way much easier when you are at home. Even now that I’ve started working in the spare bedroom to avoid distractions, distractions happen!

Somehow in between the 35 – 40 hours I’m clocked in, I film two-three videos and write five or more posts for this blog (that takes another 20-40 hours depending on the post and video). Most of this happens on the weekends (where I also make up the time I missed during the week).

Despite having things constantly get in the way, I actually enjoy it! I get to see more of Chris, play with our dogs, I don’t need to wake up at 6 to shower and get ready for the office… It’s worth it. I love it. 

I’m sure I’ll get the perfect schedule worked out eventually, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Now, pardon me but I have some more work to do.

P. S. Don’t miss out on all the updates I post here! I work really hard to get them up. You can now get exclusive emails from me every Thursday and you can follow my blog on BlogLovin.

P. P. S. Working from home on the computer all day has also been hard on my health, I’ll have a post on that soon.

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  • JanelleElizabeth01

    I would like to see your post on what you do for your job! and also i’m thinking of starting my own blog and i’m not sure where to start, can you do a post on that too? :)

    p.s. my mom worked at home my whole life with 4 kids so i know where your coming from!

    July 9, 2013 at 10:36 pm Reply
    • rebeccakelsey

      Hi Janelle! I’m working on a post explaining what I do in more detail. It should be up tomorrow! I may do a blogging post in the future as well. What kind of questions do you have? What did your Mom do? That is great that she could stay home with you, I hope to do the same when I have children.

      Kindness is the best accessory,

      July 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm Reply

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