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October 19, 2013

Celebrating with Banana Republic (Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir Review)

banana republic champagne wild bloom wild blue review

Right before our move Chris and I got a lovely package from Banana Republic with their new perfume Wildbloom Rouge (original Wildbloom) and a cologne for Chris called Wildblue Noir (original Wildblue). Chris was really excited to get a package too, he loves when brands think of him! Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are set to release Autumn 2013.

To our surprise the perfume and cologne also came with four bottles of mini champagne. How sweet! We got two of each Pommery Pop and Pommery Pop Pink Rose. I preferred the Pink Rose but in general I didn’t find the difference between the two to be very substantial. We had two of the bottle before the move and the other two the day we moved into our first place. It was such a nice celebration.

banana republic champagne wild bloom wild blue review 2

As for the perfume, I love it. I hate perfumes that are obnoxiously sweet (like my favorite from high school, Britney Spears Fantasy) and I strongly dislike “grandma smell.” The Banana Republic’s Wildbloom Rouge is neither Britney nor Grandma. It’s a happy balance because it has a smidgen of sweet and a dash of musky that suits the new 24-year-old-homeowner-version-of-me.

To be fair though, I’m not a big perfume lover. I think that changes my review because I’m honestly not incredibly picky with my perfume. Don’t you love my honesty?! All in all though, I would recommend this product. I definitely would have bought it after smelling it in stores if it weren’t given to me for review.

Since I’m horrible at explaining things, here is the description from Refinery 29:

“In true BR fashion, the scents are crisp and classic, with a hint of urban edge. In the case of Wildbloom Rouge, perfumer Marypierre Julien of fragrance house Givaudan created a vibrant fragrance that opens with sparkling notes of clementine and bergamot, dries down to a magnolia and jasmine heart, and finishes with a moody sandalwood base — bringing what at first appears to be a youthful-citrus fragrance into more mysterious territory. “

What Chris has to say about the Wildblue Noir: “I haven’t used cologne in a very long time but this cologne smells so good that it makes me want to get back into using cologne.”

Refinery 29 quote on Wildblue Noir:

“In the case of Wildblue Noir, perfumer Jean-Claude Deville was inspired by a vacation in Maui to create a scent that mixed subtle aquatics and herbs with the fresh scent of sequoia trees, which are abundant on the island.”

Thank you so much to the Banana Republic for sending over these two products. They are all Chris and I use now. Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are set to release Autumn 2013.

What is your favorite perfume or cologne? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Zoe

    Love that they came with little champagne! I have recently gotten back into perfume and I am hooked on it, these sound lovely although I do admit I love the super sweet ones as well :)

    October 19, 2013 at 8:37 pm Reply
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