Our First Christmas Tree

penquin engagement ornament

This Fall we got our first home, our first pet, and now our first Christmas tree that is all ours. It sure has been a crazy few months! Below I have a timelapse of Chris and I decorating our tree. One of my favorite traditions is sharing our tree online. It sounds really silly but it’s fun for me to look at years later. We have our families’ 2010, 2011, and 2012 trees documented so looking back at them in comparison to this year was really interesting. 

My favorite ornament on the tree is the one shown in the picture above. It was a gift from my future Maid of Honor and officiant. Penguins mate forever. Isn’t it precious? 

Now onto our Christmas tree. We bought an artificial one so we wouldn’t have to buy new ones each year. It just feels better to me to have an ecofriendly Christmas. The lights are also made to use less energy. I got both from Target. A lot of the ornamanents are also from Target but quite a few of them I got in high school and college and put them aside for this occasion. 

What are your holiday traditions?

Since this is our first house we want to start some new ones. I’m so excited to be with my sweetie and our new pup this year. 



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  1. Just curious about ecofriendly. I reuse my tree also, but I wonder, having lots of trees growing for Christmas is good for the environment, even if we cut them down, we are always planting more for the same purpose. After we’re done with them they can compost and degrade and provide new nutrients for the earth. A reusable tree is made of plastic. I think this is a case where throwing something out each year is actually more eco friendly. Anyway just thinking out loud, congratulations on your first tree! That penguin ornament is adorable.

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