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January 1, 2014

How I Stay Motivated for my New Year’s Resolutions All Year

happy new year and how to stay motivated towards your resolutions

This year, I have a lot of goals. What else is new? If you know anything about me, it’s that I love lists and goal making.

Today I have a video sharing what helps keep me motivated throughout the year. As for my resolutions themselves, I’ll have more details about them tomorrow! You can see the general categories in the photo above though if you are curious. The elephant image is from walkyland on Tumblr, isn’t it cute?

My general strategy for keeping my goals throughout the whole year is to find ways to constantly remind myself of those goals.

I do this in several ways. It’s good to have a lot of reminders. 

  1. Write all of your goals down in an agenda or something else that you use often
  2. Make sure the place where you write your resolutions is also motivating. I like to make a collage on top of my planners.
  3. Write or type them out again and put them next to your bed or taped on your mirror
  4. Pick a material item that represents one or all of your goals. For me I have a dogeared wishbone necklace that reminds me to plan out my dreams and a used purse from Plato’s Closet that reminds me to be eco-friendly. 
  5. Start the year on a happy note like by sending thank you cards, volunteering, or donating blood or money
  6. Incorporate happiness all year by making a positivity jar

Other ideas:

  1. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t do well with goals, have a theme for each month or one word for the year
  2. If you are trying to loose weight in 2014, have two jars where one is weight to loose and the other is weight lost. I think that’s a very positive way to be reminded of your goals.

Other mentions: New Year’s Promise and Fitness Journals by Blogilates 

This year is going to be amazing. I know it will be because I am going to make it so!

Repeat after me: I am the only person that can make this year amazing. 

Talk to you tomorrow! 

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