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February 16, 2014

How I Clean my Yoga Mat

yoga mat cleaner yoginiology review

I purchased my yoga mat about three years ago from Gaiam for Target yoga for beginners, I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s held up really well! The mat it comes with is different now but the kit I bought is still available online.

One thing that I neglected to realize about yoga mats is that when you use them, they get dirty. Duh. When thinking about how often I use my mat, how much sweat has probably dripped onto it, how often my feet touched it, my dog Mustache (and previously Pinky and Xiomy) walking all over it with their dirty feet… Gross. Now my mat must be getting even dirtier since I practice yoga in the park on Tuesdays. I decided I needed to keep my down dog clean.

At first I would just rub wipes all over it… that was annoying. I had to end up using 6 or so wipes on each side (you should clean the bottom of your mat too). Then in January I was given the opportunity to try out Yoginiology (thanks to and the process became a lot easier.

It’s made of mostly essential oils so you don’t have to worry about adding harmful chemicals to your life.

Here is a small video demonstration as to why I need a yoga mat cleaner, my curious dog!

The Yoginiology mat cleaner was really easy to use. All you need to do is spray your mat and then rub with a cloth. I do this on both sides and then put my mat over a chair to dry for half an hour. I do this about twice a month. Honestly I should probably do it after every yoga practice but the lazy part of me doesn’t want to comply.

Do you clean your yoga mat? There are so many little things I need to remember to clean, like reuseable shopping bags! Those often get neglected but they need to be cleaned as well.

Check out the Yoginiology cleanser on Amazon for only $19.99. That seems like a lot but you will be impressed when you see the size of the bottle. I think this could last me through a year or more of biweekly cleanings.

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