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March 6, 2014

How I Entertained Myself on a Six Hour Flight

things to do on long plane rides

Six hours without wifi or cell phone service, the horror! Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Here is a list of everything I did on my plane ride to San Francisco from Miami for an omghow by girl-karma business trip. It’s a little funny.

Things I did on my 6-hour plane ride:


1. Took a one-hour nap. Thankfully no one was next to me so I could stretch out a bit. 

2. Organized my desktop and all of it’s folders. Wow, my computer has never looked so clean! 

3. Contemplated filming a “How to Stretch on an Airplane” video while on the plane, thinking on it for about five minutes before deciding that was weird. 

4. Cleansed my face and applied skincare products. It was an early flight, so I didn’t do any of my usual routine when I woke up. When traveling I use only tried and true products that always make me feel great, nothing new or fancy. My staples are Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser (removes makeup as well), Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner (I want to feel extra clean when I’m in an unfamiliar place), and coconut oil (also applied to my brows and lashes for optimum benefit).

5. Massaged my hands and cuticles with The Cuticle Cutie by Perfectly Posh (c/o).

things to do to stay occupied on flights

6. Took pictures from outside my window. I’m above the clouds! 

victorias secret rollerball

7. Applied my Victoria’s Secret Bombshell rollerball

how to make fun of yoruself funny airplane pictures

8. I amused myself for .2 seconds by taking funny photos. 

9. Contemplated filming a video on the plane, again. This time a “What to-do on a Six Hour Flight” but instead decide that makes a better blog post. 

10. Edited part of the DIY Spa Sunday video that I filmed a few weeks ago and never put up.

11. Took a cat nap.

12. Put my hair up into the highest bun I can manage (so my hair would have more body and curl when I landed) and applied my makeup. The Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream really helped keep my skin happy. 

13. Worked on some omghow by girl-karma ideas. New website coming soon!

14. Considered, again, making a stretching video. I really wanted to do this, apparently. 

15. Spent some time deleting all my old photos on my iPhone. 

16. Spent a weird amount of time staring at a picture of myself in my wedding dress.  


17. Read from my Kindle and thought about how much I really want the new Kindle Paperwhite, even though my Kindle works perfectly fine. 

Last but not least, I wrote this blog post using my Evernote desktop application since I had no wifi.

What do you do when you have a lot of time to yourself? 


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