Thinking on my Goals from March, April, and Onward to May

writing in cursive as a goal

In March I made one funny goal (writing exclusively in cursive) and a more challenging one (no social media after 10 PM). 

Writing my to-do lists for the day and my daily gratitudes in cursive was actually fun! I noticed my handwriting improving towards the end of the month. I’m definitely going to keep up this goal. 

The social media deadline was also easier than I thought. I only messed up on this deadline two or three times the whole month. In April, I planned to stop using my computer and social media after 9:30 PM instead and that was also easy for my to complete. For now I will continue at 9:30 PM but I hope to eventually get up to 8. I rely too heavily on computers! I don’t want those screens to disrupt my sleep patterns.

taking my dog on a daily walk

Another goal of mine for April was to take Mustache for a walk as soon as I wake up every morning. I believe I was successful about 90% of the time. This goal made Mustache so happy that it was easy for me to continue. The one issue with taking him on these small walks (about 0.65 miles in 20 minutes) is that Mustache stopped getting his long walks (1.5 miles in an hour) every week like he was before. I’d like to put more of an emphasis on this goal in May. 

Mustache also started puppy basic training at Petsmart. I think I’ll want him to have his longer walks on Sunday mornings before he has puppy training. He has been behaving surprisingly well during but he isn’t as excitable after his workout so that would be helpful. 

In addition to my previous goals, I want to give attention to my blog for 15 minutes every weekday and then 1 hour on Saturday and Sunday. With work and the wedding my posts and videos have fallen short. Nothing makes me sadder than this! Since 15 minutes a day seems reasonable, I hope I can keep it up and not make excuses. Another small 15 minute goal I’d like to start in May is to read before bed. I’ve started this goal a little early by going to the public library last week and picking up Allure’s Confession’s of a Beauty Editor and exploring the Pottermore interface again. I’m OwlFeather75 if you want to add me.

What goals are you working on? I love the focus of The Happiness Project. Each month my goals add on to each other, forming new habits each month. 

Now, if only I could stick to my cleaning goals! 


  1. hehe I definitely need some cleaning goals! my whole life might be up in the air in may (possible job change/move, etc) so i’m a little hesitant to make any goals, but I am happy with the path I am going on and once I have things a little more figured out it would be good to sit down and makes some. I love to do lists so having them on a monthly level would be a good idea too!
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  1. […] In May I was a busy bee. With the wedding and other family obligations, I have very few days where I’m not working on something. It surprised to me how busy I became once I moved out last October. I still consider myself more of a homebody, because I generally just prefer to stay home and relax, but having to go somewhere a few times a week hasn’t been as bad as I thought. […]

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