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May 2, 2014

My Time to Move, Nourish, Believe

move nourish beleive with lorna jane

For the past two or three months I’ve been obsessed with a particular brand, Lorna Jane. It’s an Australian brand aimed at promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle. They sell fitness clothing, books, and planners while also sharing a motivating new way to live on their blog

lorna jane instagram feed

I’ve been eating it up every single day. They have an arsenal of beautiful fitness clothing with fun phrases and a colorful and motivating Instagram feed that I’m obsessed with. Every day I make sure to check what they’ve put up in their feed.

Their blog, MoveNourishBelieve has some weekly inspirational series’ that really get me going.  I’m excited to comb over their e-book, Move Over Sugar, all about having sweets without actually adding in pounds of sugar.

sarah hreyo lorna jane

The kicker? Despite how happy their media makes me, I can’t afford their clothing. I look at their content every single day, soaking it all in, and I don’t own a stitch of their clothing! For now, I’ll just have to add them to my wishlist for my birthday in August. It’s turning into a pretty long wishlist.

I currently only own two products from the company, their yearly agenda and their active living planner. Both of these products I use every single day. Every night before bed I write a list of to-dos and every morning I’ll write down my gratitudes in my Lorna Jane agenda. Then, throughout the day I’ll keep track of my daily food intake and my workouts in my Lorna Jane Active living planner. These two items have become a very important part of my daily routine.

I hope to soon also buy Lorna Jane’s books Move, Nourish, Believe and More of the Fit Woman’s Secrets. I can only imagine how much I’ve yet to learn from Lorna Jane.

What product, brand, or blog are you currently crushing on?

PS Thanks for introducing me to Lorna Jane products, Sarah Hreyo.

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  • Sarah

    Fun to see my face pop up here :)

    You may know this already, but MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets is currently on sale for $20 and free shipping!

    May 9, 2014 at 11:56 am Reply
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