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June 26, 2014

Bulu Box June 2014 Review

bulu box discover healty review

Hi girls! Today I have my last Bulu Box for the brand ambassador program. Do not worry though, being a brand ambassador does not change my opinion on these products. As you know from my last Bulu Box post, I did not like the May box.

If you like what I have to say in this post and want to give Bulu Box a try, get it for 50% off with this link and the code BULUGAN659. For a limited time you also get a 1 year subscription to my favorite magazine, Women’s Health Mag!

Let’s see how well the June box did! I’ll talk about my final thoughts on the program at the end of this post.


In the above video I go over the items received in this month’s box (and show my new kitty!):

  1. $100 code (off of $160 purchase) to
  2. Bach Rescue Pearls natural stress relief dissolvable capsules
  3. Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Fig Bar
  4. Stevia
  5. Uplift Pre-Workout Energy Raspberry Lemonade
  6. Purus Labs Aminod Strawberry Limeade Repletion Drink
  7. Pur-Absorb iron rich water

All of the above are linked to Amazon but can also be purchased on Bulu Box’s store.

I haven’t been stressed enough to try the Bach Rescue Pearls yet but I did try the Pur-Absorb iron rich water. I’m definitely not a fan. If you can ignore the taste I’m sure it’s very beneficial but it’s just disgusting to me. It tastes very similarly to that copper taste you get in your mouth when you have a nose bleed, yuck.

bulu box june review

For my final thoughts on Bulu Box: I think it’s a great idea behind a subscription box. Based on the three boxes I received – I loved the April box the most, followed closely by June, but I didn’t enjoy May’s box at all. Two out of three isn’t too bad. I think the price is reasonable but I do wish there was more full sized products or larger samples. I also wasn’t a fan of how often the boxes contained powdered drink samples, those just aren’t my cup of tea.

Try Bulu Box for 50% meaning get a full year for only the price of 6 months!) with the code BULUGAN659 and my link.

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