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July 14, 2014

BookTubeAThon – Seven Books in Seven Days?!

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Today (well technically I started over the weekend, I’m a cheater) marks the start of BookTubeAThon 2014. It’s a week-long event where you try to read as many books as you can (ideally one a day), along with making videos to accompany them.

– Here are the official challenges

The Reading Challenges:

  • A book with pictures
  • Start and finish a series
  • A book with red on the cover
  • A book someone else picks out for you
  • A book from the genre you’ve read the least this year
  • A book to movie adaptation
  • Read seven books

The Video Challenges:

  • Day One: Show your top 3 book you read because of booktube
  • Day Two: Find the items on three covers
  • Day Three: Draw a better cover for any book
  • Day Four: Write a story using all the words from three titles
  • Day Five: Make a rainbow of you favourite books
  • Day Six: Find 5 things from one of the books you’ve read this week
  • Day Seven: Show us where you’ve read during the booktubeathon

I won’t be following the rules as closely as many of the people participating but I’m really excited to be invigorating my love for reading this week.

In the video below I outline the books I will be reading and if they pertain to the challenges. I won’t be following the video challenges for the week, mostly because of time restraints. Although I will be having a video at the end of the week to share with you how I did.

My books:

  1. Book to movie and red on the coverThe Last Unicorn (Check out the movie)
  2. Book with pictures and a genre you haven’t read much of (for me, classics) – Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland 
  3. A recommended book  – #GIRLBOSS (On Audible)
  4. The Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
  5. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
  6. Finishing up the last two books Pottermore (Friend me! I’m OwlFeather75)

I’m really excited to get out of my reading rut this week! I’ve been basically only reading fanfiction, I need to bring back variety.

What books do you want to read this Summer?

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