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August 7, 2014

CafePress Custom iPhone Cases Review

cafepress iphone case review

Hi Kind Friends! In the search for a pretty iPhone case for the wedding (clearly everything has to be pretty), I found the Peony Pop Case 2 on CafePress. It’s gorgeous! For full disclose, I got a gift card for CafePress for review consideration. Don’t worry this does not change my opinion on the product in anyway. Check out the pros and cons of this phone case below.

First, I have an iPhone 5c. Boy do I hate the shape of my iPhone. It makes buying cases pretty annoying because they are all either incredibly bulky or very ugly. My Dad thinks it’s weird to have cases on sleek smart phones because it takes away the effect… but I just can’t be without one because I drop everything.

CafePress has the appeal of letting you customize everything… But that isn’t always a good thing because that leads to overcrowding. I had a hard time browsing the site. Most of the iPhone cases were ugly but the few gems I did see were very attractive. It just took awhile to find them.

My favorite was the Peony Pop 2. Doesn’t it scream feminine and dainty? It is actually see-through, which is pretty obvious from the stock photo on the website… yet for some reason I didn’t realize it when I purchased it.

Here is a picture of it see-through:

pretty iphone 5c cases

pretty iphone cases 5c

To make it all white, I just cut out a piece of paper and slid it into the case.

The big con, the white rubber on the sides of the case gets dirty as easily as a sneaker. I’m pretty sad about that since my clumsiness (hence the need for a case, as we established earlier) has already added a few smudges to my new phone case.

So, would I recommend this case? Yes. I love it. I just wish I wasn’t a klutz.

If you are reading this – Let me know in the comments how you suggest I clean a rubber phone case. That would be very helpful.


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