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October 3, 2014

Workouts of the Day #3 (9/26/2014)

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Hi Kind Friends!

For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking about re-visiting the series idea I had last year – workouts of the day. I’m not sure why I stopped at only two but with my recent commitment to train for a 10K this year and then another half marathon next year (more info on the races I’ll be doing soon), I decided to start this series up again as a way to motivate my own fitness goals.

As a runner, you need to mix up your other workouts often. It’s important to not ONLY run as it can leave your body prone to injury.

workouts of the day #wotd

So here we have my first #wotd for 2014! Many more coming soon.

Outfit from: Fabletics (c/o) and Target

Disclaimer: These workout pictures were from last month. It’s actually pretty dark as I’m writing this so none of my pictures came out well enough to post. I plan, in general, on working out in the morning so that won’t be a problem for future posts. Also, I am not a fitness instructor. Proceed with your own workouts at your own risk.


This was a very challenging yoga flow, just because of the quickness of it. Tara tends to move quickly between moves. I think if it were a little slower I would have taken to it better.

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This four minute routine was TOUGH. I had to modify quite a lot.


This last stretch routine was a little awkward to watch. Why does it seem so sexual?! Either way I got a great stretch.

Disclaimer #2: I started this post on September 26th and never finished it! It’s now that start of October. Isn’t the new workouts of the day series going well? Ha!

What do you do at home to keep in shape? Or are you a gym girl?

Workouts of the Day #1 | #2

Let’s share some workout inspiration!

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