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November 12, 2014

Wedding Week: DIY Bachelorette Baby’s Breath Floral Crown

easy baby's breath crown

Hi Kind Friends!

Today for the third day of Wedding Week I am sharing with you my easy floral crown DIY project that I wore to my bachelorette party. I knew for my bachelorette party that I wanted to look like a princess but without the usual wedding sashes, buttons, jeweled tiara’s, etc. They just don’t scream Rebecca.

First stop, Hobby Lobby. I’ve recently discovered the beauty that is Hobby Lobby. I don’t think I’ll ever go to Michael’s Arts and Crafts again! (I’m sorry Michael’s)

floral crown supplies


  1. Fake baby’s breath (or use real flowers since baby’s breath looks virtually the same when dried out)
  2. Two different floral wires
  3. Scissors
  4. Pliers (I ended up just using my fingers)

I made sure not to wear makeup to the party since we would be doing face masks.

diy baby's breath crown

Dress: Garage sale

Video on the DIY process and how I did my hair:



  1. Measure the base wire around your head. I did mine more like a headband but many people measure it around their forehead for more of a hippie style. Make it slightly longer than needed since the flowers will make the crown tighter.
  2. Cut out small pieces of baby’s breath and wrap it around the crown with wire. Repeat all along the head, securing the flowers around the frame.
  3. OR add the flowers to the crown with hot glue and cover the glued areas with more of the pretty base wire or floral tape.

Note: It’s easier to use hot glue to glue on the flowers rather than what I did, which was wrap the flowers with wire. I had lost my glue gun (just found it this week, thank goodness) so this is what I did in a pinch.

That is the finished floral crown! It took less than an hour to do and I really enjoyed having it during my party. I felt really special.

Are you going to wear a crown during your bachelorette or during your wedding?

T-minus four days until the wedding!


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