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December 22, 2014

Christmas BookTubeAThon Day 3 Wrap-Up



Hi Kind Friends!

Today I present to you, my Christmas BookTubeAThon results. Did I read three books? Just nearly. Almost. Like I can taste the victory that was not mine, it was so close!

As you know from the Day 2 thoughts, I switched out The Honest Life for Fangirl on Audible because I had a double date on Saturday that I knew would run longer than I had initially anticipated.

I was on track to finish both Fangirl and Christmas Memories (I finished Outlander on Friday) on Sunday except I was so struck with writing inspiration that I had to stop and work on my book for awhile. Then once that moment had passed, I needed sleep. It was 10:30 PM on Sunday and I only had 30 more pages of Christmas Memories and 1 hour left of the Fangirl audiobook. If I had kept on trucking until midnight I would have made it!

But I chose sleep. I pretty much chose sleep over anything.

Side note: I am really liking Fangirl. I’m listening to the ending now. I didn’t think I’d like it this much!

So I’d consider this weekend’s reading challenge a success, even though technically I didn’t win. I don’t technically win a lot of things, haha. I didn’t win the Summer BookTubeAThon nor NaNoWriMo but the effort makes me feel so much like a winner every time.

It usually takes me a month to finish just one book!

Did you take the challenge for the weekend? What was the most you’ve ever read in a month?

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