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December 16, 2014

Mustache’s Emergency Vet Visit and An Unconventional Gift Idea

mustache and banfield

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am sharing with you an unconventional gift idea – getting a “Wellness Plan” for your pet or a family member’s pet. Moms and Dads reading this, get this for your furry grandchildren!

If you aren’t aware, a Wellness Plan is like a monthly insurance plan for dogs. I have my plan with Banfield Pet Hospital, which is the pet hospital attached to Petsmart stores.

They have three basic plans for dogs (a special separate one for puppies and then different ones for cats), where I currently have the cheapest plan at approximately $25 a month. With this plan Mustache gets two comprehensive physicals a year, unlimited free office visits, complete bloodwork once a year, free vaccines (!!!), two de-worming sessions, and two fecal exams yearly. The installment fee of about $45 and the monthly $25 fee would not even cover the cost of just his yearly vaccines. It’s a bargain.

But what I love most about this plan is the peace of mind. All of you have been there. Your dog is sick and you are left to worry “Is this sick enough to go to the pet emergency room?” and then if he doesn’t get better right away you feel more and more guilty. Now whenever Mustache is sick I can take him in right away and not feel that horrible worry. If nothing is really wrong? Great, no cost. But if he does need some help or special digestive food for his tummy ache? It will be a lot cheaper to treat than if Mustache wasn’t on a plan.

I am so grateful to Banfield for helping keep my mischevious pup healthy.

Here is a vlog of my first visit to Banfield in September, after Mustache ATE A PENCIL. I’m not kidding.


So, there you have it. Give someone (or yourself) piece of mind this holiday by taking them and their pet in to a Banfield Pet Hospital and signing up for the Wellness Plan.

I’m hoping to sign our kitty up in the new year.


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