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December 2, 2014

My Thanksgiving #TurkeyTrot 10K Adventure (Workout of the Day #5)

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Hi Kind Friends!

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to run my butt off. Well that’s a funny sentence! On 6 AM every Thanksgiving morning I wakeup and head over to Tropical Park in Miami, Florida for a #TurkeyTrot. Sponsored by Baptist Health thousands of men and women run 5k and 10k races (3 and 6 miles) in an effort to add some health to a day often associated with gluttony.

Since this will be my fourth year participating I wanted to challenge myself by signing up for the 10K instead of the 5K. Boy it certainly was a challenge! I haven’t run consistently since before the wedding (there simply wasn’t time) so I felt like I was going in blind. I do not recommend that! I felt very sore the following day and wish I had taken some time to train during the honeymoon.

I highly recommend you all start the holidays with fitness in mind, especially when so much food is involved. Overall it was an amazing experience and I hope to do the 10K again next year, just with more preparation.

Do you know of any Nochebuena or Christmas races? I think that would be fun as well and plan on looking that up for this year.

Outfit c/o Fabletics, with the exception of my awesome #PerkeyTurkey shirt that came with my registration.


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