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January 1, 2015

3 Resolutions You Should Try This Year

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Hi Kind Friends! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

If you aren’t sure what you want to change about your life for the coming year or you’d just like to add on an extra goal or two, check out these ideas.

1. Watch Less TV

I know, this is a tough one. But think, when and why do you watch TV? For me I watch TV after work to relax. Well, there are a lot more beneficial activities that can help me relax after work like reading, writing, crafting, and exercising. This past month I’ve been focusing on doing more of those activities instead of binge watching Netflix and I feel a lot more productive and less bogged down.

2. Start a Gratitude Journal

Starting each day with positivity is just a good idea, no matter how you spin it. Every day I write one or two sentences in my agenda before I write down my to-do list and it really puts life into perspective.

3. Do One Push Up A Day

ONLY ONE PUSH UP?! That seems a lot more doable than exercising for 60 minutes a day for 365 days. As soon as you wake up, do one push up… and then do whatever you want. Who would stop at one push up? Most likely you would keep going and do five push ups or even add in a sit up. It’s good to get your body moving as soon as you wake up and this good habit could start with a push up.

My main resolutions are to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish and to finish the second and third drafts of my book. I’m so excited about these goals!

How do those sound? What resolutions are you following for this year?

My agenda: Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe 2015 Diary

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