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February 6, 2015

My Wedding Makeup Rundown and Tutorial

Easy wedding makeup tutorial from Rebecca Kelsey

Hi Kind Friends!

Today is a special day, I finally have for you the rundown of the makeup I wore for my wedding. I’m a simple DIY girl so I did my makeup myself, buying only a few products to compliment the makeup I already owned.

Here is a video tutorial of all the products used, explained in detail. The coloring in the video is a little off so I also provided photos to show you the finished look. This is also the makeup I have in all of my default photos, just in case you wondered.

I hope you enjoy.

All the makeup shown in this video:

For detailed application instructions, watch the video above.

Do you have a particular makeup product that you wear on special occasions? Share it with me!

PS Am I the only person that thinks life needs more special occasions?

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