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April 27, 2015

Goody Spin Pin Review

Goody Spin Pin Review

Whenever I’m around the house, I have my hair up in a bun. Not the cute messy top knot I wear when I want to look like I didn’t really try or the huge sock bun I wear when I’m feeling fancy. Just a normal bun to keep my hair out of my face while I’m cleaning and writing.

I was using just a normal creaseless hair tie to do my buns but recently when buying some new hair clips online I stumbled upon the Goody Spin Pin, an old trusty tool I used in college.

Immediately I knew I had to have it so I purchased a three-pack on Amazon. You know, just in case I lost one of them.

So to show off how amazing this creation is, I have a Good Spin Pin review to share with you.

Spin Pins are like the ultimate bobby pin. It has a unique spiral design that you twist clockwise into the hair to lock in your bun. You twist the pin counter clockwise to then release it from your bun. I’ve had my pins in all day without having to adjust them, so you can trust it to be sturdy. The Spin Pins come in both brunette or blonde so that it matches more hair types.

Each kit comes with two pins for optimum hold. I recommend girls with thin or short hair use only one pin, thick curly hair may need to use both pins. You are not supposed to lock the pins together when using both Spin Pins. Adding the pins to your hair takes less than ten seconds.

Goody Spin Pin on Thin Hair

The only bummer is that with my thin hair, you can generally see the end of the Spin Pin coming out from the end of my bun. I don’t particularly like how it looks when that happens so I don’t often wear my hair out with the Spin Pin on. If you have thick hair and thus a bigger bun size then that won’t be a problem.

How to use the Goody Spin Pin

So, did this review answer all of the questions you have about the Goody Spin Pin? 

If not, please tell me in the comments what else you’d like to know.

If you already own a Spin Pin, I’d also love to know what styles you’ve created with it. I’ve only tried buns but I feel like there is probably =
many unique ways to use it.

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