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April 7, 2015

Music Festival Fashion and Essentials with rue21

Cute Spring fashion with rue21

Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m talking to you about music festival fashion (in collaboration with rue21). All over Instagram I’m seeing pictures of Coachella and all of the hundreds of other festivals starting this April. Are you going to any? Here is a list of festivals so you can find one in your area.

I am not going to participate in a festival myself (I just can’t stand the heat!) but there is something about the fashion choices of these festivals that has me dreaming of florals and cute hippies (and hipsters). I could just scroll through my Instagram and Tumblr liking these photos all day.

Spring Music Festival Fashion with rue21

Festival Fashion:

Some of the go-to festival fashion include floral crowns (I really want this one), woven sandals or combat boots paired with black skater dresses, high waisted shorts, crop tops or lace bralettes, and lately, the foil jewelry tattoos.

Backpacks are an essential for festivals (or even just a long day at the park or beach) and rue21 has this really cute black fringe backpack in their Festival Ready section. Backpacks are much easier to carry when you have to be walking around all day.

Last but not least, you need styling sunglasses. Heart glasses are seen everywhere during festivals, though I’m more of a fan of the big bug sunglasses. They take over my small face but I just love them.

PS Did you know about this joggers trend? I felt a little out of the loop when I found out about that one.

Festival Essentials:

If you are heading to a festival you need sunblock, water bottles and snacks (check if they are allowed at your venue), picnic blankets, and some beauty products for touch ups (like deodorant). I found this cool list on Pinterest you may find helpful:

Festival Essentials and Fashion Picks from rue21

What do you wear or bring with you on a long Spring and Summer day? What’s your favorite new trend?

I live in high waisted shorts and smell constantly of sunblock during the hotter months!

[Fashion images found on rue21 and their Instagram]

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