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May 14, 2015

5 Ways to Live More Minimally

How to Live Minimally

In 2011 I started working my butt off to obtain a more minimal beauty routine.  I was buying more beauty products than I was consuming and it just had to stop.

Now in 2015 I’m happy to finally be at a place where all of my beauty clutter is under control, I shop only when absolutely necessary rather than for fun, and when I do shop I buy used as often as possible. My wallet is happier and my clutter is significantly down.

Now I’m looking into other ways that I can live more minimally. Here are five tips I plan on trying out and I would love to encourage you to do the same.

5 Easy Ways to Live More Minimally and Sustainably:

  1. Use resusable napkins instead of disposable
    • Most people do a load of laundry a week. Why not add in a few napkins to the load? Reusable napkins can be found very inexpensively at places like the Goodwill. This saves you money and produces less waste.
  2. Plan out your meals
    • Meal planning is a sure-fire way to spend less at the grocery store, to be healthier, and to keep food you bought from expiring before you use it. On days that I haven’t planned out my food, I usually eat whatever is the quickest to make — which isn’t generally the healthier choice. Options like slow-cooker meals are also something I’d like to look into.
  3. Start working out daily
    • This may not seem like a more minimal living tip but it really is. Taking care of your body will lead to less medical expenses and less emotional stress. How is working out easy? Well, start by taking a walk around the block. Walking my dog every morning brings me great joy and since I’ve started doing that I’ve made much more of an effort to work throughout the day.
  4. Update your budget every morning
    • I’ve recently made changes to our family budget and that has kept spending done. However, I only update it every few days. Ideally I’d like to add updating the budget to my morning routine so that I always have an accurate picture of our finances — meaning I’ll be less likely to impulse buy.
  5. Make your own cleaning supplies
    • Recently I made my own multi-purpose cleaner and it has rocked my world. I plan on looking into more all-natural DIY household products I can save money on. This will yield to more money in my pocket and less chemicals in my home.

For more Learning to Live Minimally tips, stay tuned to this blog. I truly do believe that happiness comes from within and not from things. I’m really happy to be closer to a more minimal home.

Best wishes to you all. I hope your week has been going well.

What are some easy ways that you use to minimize your waste? Share your suggestions with me and others in the comments.

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  • Zoë

    I missed your blog! I feel like it’s been awhile. these are all great tips. i love slow cooker stews and chilli, but i definitely want to use it for even more meals. I am also working to get in better shape :) I think we are a similar age (mid 20s) and I feel like now is the time to get my body and life in shape to prepare me for the rest of it! still working on decluttering though, but I have gotten a lot better at passing things on I won’t use, or just don’t LOVE LOVE.

    May 16, 2015 at 10:05 am Reply
    • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve gotten better at passing things on. It’s definitely not easy. Fitness is so important, especially at our age. I feel like the younger you get into the habit the more it impacts how you age. What are the slow cooker recipes you use? I’d love to try some of them out.

      May 19, 2015 at 2:29 pm Reply

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