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May 1, 2015

I Really Need A New Wardrobe – NYDJ Wish List

NYDJ Wish List

I am happy to say that in the past two months I’ve been working out more regularly, doing a combination of cardio, weight lifting, and yoga. My new routine has helped me become a more energetic, flexible, and trimmer version of myself.

I am sad to say, however, that now my clothes don’t look as good on me!

The funny thing is that my weight is exactly the same. The muscles in my legs have just trimmed up so the leg width on my jeans look wider, stretched out, and sloppy. My shirts still fit relatively the same but my dresses in general are just getting pretty worn out. It’s a pain! With a new job hopefully on the horizon, I need to change up my wardrobe soon to fit the new life I’ll be leading.

So when I received this sponsored opportunity from NYDJ, I immediately looked into their super skinny jeans and jean leggings (AKA jeggings) collections. NYDJ is known for their flattering and trim fit clothing so I fell in love with quite a few things.

Super Skinny Jeans from NYDJ

From left to right: Ami Super Skinny in Bedford, and Heyburn, and the Amy Super Skinny Knit Jeans in Dark Enzyme.

And don’t even get my started on their slimming dresses!

Gorgeous Slimming Dresses from NYDJ

From left to right: Brooke Garden Rose Neoprene Dress in Garden Rose Multi, Gracelyn Stretch Crepe Dress in Punch, and the Lexi Tweed Mix Media Dress in Black.

NYDJ clothing is a higher price than I’m used to paying (especially since I buy mostly from thrift stores) but I am excited about mixing in a few high quality items like these to give my wardrobe a spruce up and get me ready for a new work environment.

What clothing are you looking to add to your wardrobe soon?


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