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May 11, 2015

Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin Book Review

Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin book review

Rich Bitch… What a title! Today I’m going to be reviewing the book Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin (c/o). This book is described as “a simple 12 step plan for getting your financial life together” and it delivers.

Nicole Lapin is a financial expert and TV business anchor. She isn’t the stuffy business anchor you may imagine, she is a fun no-BS financial expert and her humor and frankness comes off well in her book.

This 12 chapter book covers the following topics:

  1. Stop Smiling and Nodding: Embrace the Rich Bitch Attitude
  2. Hello, It’s a Marathon and a Sprint: Get a Grip on Your Future
  3. Your New LBD: Create a Little Budget Diary The Fits You
  4. Put a Roof On It: Home is Where Your Stuff Is
  5. Eat, Pray, Drive: Transportation, Food, Insurance, and Other Essential Expenses
  6. Get That Monkey Off Your Back: Paying Down Debt
  7. Lock It Up: Saving Sucks but So Does Being Broke
  8. Work It, Bitches: Put Your Career in Overdrive
  9. Aging Gracefully: You Will Get Older – Do It In Style
  10. Make it Grow, Baby, Grow: Investing Is Just Not That Serious
  11. Being Under, Over, and On Top of “The Man” – Rich Bitches in a Man’s World
  12. Bringing It Home: Your Life Is Your Business

What’s really interesting about this book is that Nicole doesn’t believe in all of the conventional wisdoms commonly seen as true (like that everyone should aspire to own a house). Plus, Rich Bitch is designed to be read either out of order or sequentially. Meaning you can grab the knowledge you need and skip what you don’t or you could suck it all in.

I decided to go in sequential order and have just finished up chapter 8. I can’t wait to finish up the rest of the book this week since those last few chapters seem like they are really going to hit home.

Overall, I’ve learned a lot from this book and really enjoyed the fresh take on finance. Nicole is a really funny person with easy-to-understand advice. I can see this book appealing to many.

Would you buy a frank book like Rich Bitch? Do you have any financial advice or self-help books you’d like to recommend?

Grab Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin on Amazon and check out for more info.

I’d love to know some new books to read in the comments. I’m really kicking my Goodreads 2015 book goal in the butt!

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