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May 18, 2015

The Honest Company Vaporub Alternative – Breathe Easy Rub Review

A safe and healthy Vaporub alternative

Hi there my Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you another review of an Honest Company product. If you missed the last two reviews from this all natural brand, catch up here: Soy Candles Review and All Natural Deodorant Spray Review.

You may not know this about me but I often wake up with a stuffed up or a runny nose. Pretty much every day it is one or the other. I attribute it mostly to the fact that I sleep with my pets but I just can’t bring myself to not invite them to sleep with us. So I’ve had to try and find relief elsewhere. Products like Vaporub have helped me feel more in control of my breathing and clear up my sinuses so when I heard about the organic breathe easy rub from the Honest Company, I made it one of my first purchases.

The Breathe Easy Rub costs $9.95 and is purchasable on It is made out of beeswax and many organic oils like sunflower oil and rose hip oil. When I opened the package (which is a lot smaller than I imagined when looking at the website photos) I immediately loved the smell. It is very similar to Vaporub but with a much calmer and more earthy tone. Adding some of the smooth waxy cream to my chest and under my nose did not help as I hoped though.

Breathe Easy Rub Review

The relaxing and comforting smell lasted only about a minute on my skin, not giving me much stuffy nose relief. I found the only way it helps me is to just hold the container under my nose for a few minutes and breathe it in that way.

So sadly, I won’t be repurchasing it. The idea was great but sadly this all-natural Vaporub did not give me the relief that the chemical filled version does.

It isn’t a total loss, however. Since the ingredients are so amazing, I occasionally use the Breathe Easy Rub as an elbow and foot cream.

What products do you use to sooth a stuffy or runny nose? I’d love your tips.

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