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June 18, 2015

Tough Topics: Feeling Judged for Your Interests


Hello my Kind Friends. Today I’m sharing with you my third video in the series Tough Topics. If you missed the first two sessions, check them out here: Are you ready to lose your virginity? | “No one understands me!”

On the topic of being judged for your thoughts and interests, I’m going into the three things I consider when being forced to deal with this kind of scenario.

1. Confidence is the number one long term solution.

If you love yourself and what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You are stuck with yourself until death so you should be the number one priority. I’m not saying it isn’t still going to suck if people are mean to you because it likely will but overtime you’ll see the value that believing in yourself brings.

2. If someone is horrible to you because of how you feel or what you love, they are most likely not someone you should spend your time with.

Even if it’s your family. Family isn’t just blood, it’s who you decide to share your soul with. Some people aren’t welcoming so don’t share your soul with them. In certain situations you have to be around people that are hurtful and judge you just for being yourself, keep them at arms length.

Advice for people feeling judged over their lifestyle and beliefs.

3. It is possible to be friends with someone even if they don’t get every aspect of you and your interests. 

It is totally okay if this happens. My husband does not understand my obsession with non-canon Harry Potter stories. Ha! As long as you have more important things in common, like both of you having a kind soul, then it’s okay if you have a lot of differences. Opposites can actually attract, whether it be in friendship or in romance. The core of a person matters more than their interests. So, keep the people with you that can look past what they like and don’t like.

I hope this video is helpful to you all! You all mean the world to me.

What interests or beliefs have people looked down on you for? 

For me, I have a lot of silly interests that make me truly happy – like children’s games and odd romantic fictional pairings. But there are a few other parts of me that I don’t share often because I get judged because of it. There are some things, like the fact that I don’t believe in a higher power, that I generally only share with people after they get to know me because I’ve been shunned in the past because of it.

I’m opening up to you here. I hope you still see the real me despite it.

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