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July 16, 2015

Bellabeat LEAF Unboxing – Wearable Tech/Health Tracker that is STYLISH!

bellabeat leaf review and unboxing

I am flipping out because the Bellabeat LEAF is finally here. I pre-ordered this item three months ago and have been fan girling over it ever since. After checking my mail three times today, my package was finally here. Since there has been so much anticipation for this product, I filmed an unboxing to show you all. In a month or so I’ll film an updated review telling detailing if it lived up to the hype so make sure to leave any questions you have about it in the comments so that I can address them in the review.

Video unboxing:


If you haven’t seen or heard of the Bellabeat LEAF, it is basically a health tracker made specifically for women’s needs. It functions as a menstrual cycle tracker, stress reliever (through breathing exercises), step/activity tracker, smart alarm, sleep tracker, and more. It’s basically amazing. What really attracted me to the LEAF though is the gorgeous design. So many similar items on the market are just ugly or very plain. Most of them also have more of a sporty look, when that is not my style at all.

beallabeat leaf silver fitness tracker

It comes in silver, gold, and rose gold. I purchased the silver leaf for $119 at the pre-order price and I believe the gold/rose gold will cost $150 for preorder. I don’t know what the price will be yet after the official launch. You can currently get on the waitlist for the third batch of pre-orders, estimated to be available this August.

Those that purchased in the first and second batch of preorders will receive the necklace and bracelet accessories, along with a second necklace and a battery replacement kit (in a second shipment). The third batch may come with different accessories. After the full launch, more accessory items should be available through the Bellabeat store.

bellabeat leaf first impressions - wearable tech/health tracker

Forgive my sweaty face. I had actually gone on for a 45 minute walk before my LEAF arrived. I think it feels the most comfortable as a pin (shown in my video) but the necklace look is also very pretty. I’m very excited to use this product and if I end up loving it as much as I think I will, I may consider also getting the rose gold version.

What do you think of the LEAF? Do you have any questions you want me to address in my follow up video?

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  • Atakan Baran Akgul

    Hello Rebecca;

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    I’m aware that you may have limited time and other obligations as well. However, if you can give me some information about your experience with Bellabeat Leaf that would be much appreciated and it’d be very efficient to talk with someone who really experience these kind of devices. The interview will be made on Skype or another video chat platforms which preferred by you. If you are interested, could you get in contact with me from this email address? Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Atakan Baran Akgul

    July 22, 2015 at 8:43 pm Reply
  • Amanda

    Wow never heard of these – it is SOO pretty for a health tracker – straight away started researching it thanks!

    August 31, 2015 at 7:47 am Reply
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