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July 15, 2015

Do You Have These 5 Home Office Essentials?

5 Things to Keep In Your Home Office

My home office tends to get pretty messy, so much so that I usually give it a big overall once or twice a month. I don’t get too annoyed by it though because the cleaning is actually quite relaxing. Even in my organized chaos, there are five things that I have to keep in my home office at all times because if not I just can’t function. Here is a rundown on my top 5 home office essentials.

5 Things You Should Have In Your Home Office


  1. A planner and several notebooks
    • If you are a lover of digital calendars, go for it. But for me I have to have a physical planner and physical notebook for my ideas or I run the risk of forgetting everything I need to do that day. The planner I’m currently using (from Lorna Jane) is no longer available but there are a few other planners that I’ve been staring at lovingly like the Rose Gold Erin Condren Life Planners ($75) and the Create 365 Happy Planner ($24.99). Rifle Paper Co also makes the most beautiful notebooks, I own several.
  2. Hand cream
    • Typing, writing, washing my hands several times a day makes my skin feel so dry. I can’t function when my hands are dry. I’m not kidding, dry hands make me really upset. So to keep my little typing digits happy, I keep the Honest Company Organic Healing Balm by me at all times. It makes your hands a little shiny but that goes away after a few moments. It’s packed with amazing ingredients.
  3. An external hard drive
    • Data loss happens and it is freaky. I make sure to always back up my videos and important files with my terabyte external hard drive. It’s amazing how much cheaper these items are now.
  4.  Productivity enablers
    • My favorite iPhone app to keep me on task is Flat Tomato. It schedules breaks for you in an easy way and prevents you from spending to much time off task. Many people use music to keep them motivated but honestly I work slower when I listen to Spotify.
  5. Motivational images
    • I like to see pretty things all around me so I have a few post cards, family photos, and printed quotes around my space. I also like to use inspirational desktop wallpapers. This keeps me focused on what I’m working for and towards.

Now, onto a timelapse video of me organizing my office space. It doesn’t look as gorgeous as Media Marmalade’s desk (shown above) but it will do for now. I cannot wait to eventually get new office furniture.


Before you head away, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments. Am I missing any essentials? What do you have to have in your office?

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