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July 13, 2015

Late Night Cookie Delivery in Miami, FL – Night Owl Cookie Co. Review

Night Owl Cookie Co Review

One night about a year ago (possibly more, I can’t remember exactly) Chris and I were in the mood for cookies. The problem was, it was already 10 PM and we were pretty tired. A few Google searches later, we found the late night cookie delivery service Night Owl Cookie Co. I am not sure why it took me so long to create a  review for this wonderful company because I am such a frequent customer that the owner knows me by name. I feel both proud and horrified by my cookie loving reputation.

Night Owl Cookie Co. was founded by a local Florida International University student, Andrew Gonzalez, who couldn’t find anything to satisfy his sweet tooth one night when he was cramming for a test. Talk about a light bulb moment! A few months later he was delivering cookies around campus.  Andrew is a really sweet person, who has helped me celebrate some of my life’s big moments this past year. He is a really caring person and I’m happy to support his small business.

Miami, FL cookie delivery service

[Look at that fresh cookie steam, yum. Forgive the poor lighting, these photos were taken at 9:30 PM.]

But now onto the mouthwatering cookies. To make an order, you need to choose at least eight cookies at $1.75 a piece. Each cookie is fairly large (a little larger than my palm) and there are 25 flavors to choose from. My must-haves include Rainbow Over Bedrock, Cheesecake, and Birthday Cake. The majority of the cookies have a chocolate chip cookie base, with the additional flavors added to the top of the cookie before baking. They open for phone orders at 7 PM  and close at 2 AM, Tuesday – Sunday.

These cookies are definitely not suited for those that are on strict diets because these are really decadent treats. I can only eat two cookies at a time because they are incredibly filling. Without a doubt they are worth $1.75 a cookie. Honestly, I’d even pay $3 a cookie.

Night Owl Cookie Co

The cookies are packaged in one box with the cookies stacked in layers. If you get your cookie hot out of the oven, you may find some of the cookies are a little stuck together. I can’t really think of a way to fix that problem other than by individually wrapping each cookie in wax paper and that just seems wasteful so I don’t mind an occasionally sticky cookie.

Night Owl Cookie Co Review

These cookies are great for when you are having guests over as well, although they do take awhile to deliver so I try to call the moment they open. Most of the wait periods I’ve experienced have been 1 to 2 hours but the time can increase during finals season (they really have an in with the college crowd) and during high peak party seasons like holidays. Night Owl Cookie Co. is upfront about the wait times, giving an estimate after your order and calling to let you know if a driver is running late from other deliveries.

Overall, I’m a very happy cookie muncher. With their upcoming physical location and rewards program (still in the works, launch TBA) I can only imagine I’ll be an even more frequent buyer.

If you live in Miami, FL, check out Night Owl Cookie Co. for your late night sweet desires.

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